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October 24, 2014

Paper Abstract

In this paper, I use Adam Smith's account to discuss the normative stakes of economic growth. I distinguish two scenarios of growth in Smith - "trickle down" and "working one's way up" - that look quite different from a normative perspective. I then argue that Smith endorsed growth not only for its distributive results in the sense of higher welfare for the poor, but also because of the way in which it would align individual interests with the public good, and because it would strengthen the independence of individuals in a republican sense.

October 31, 2014

Paper Abstract

This paper meant to set the framework for a book on the theory of basic democracy, i.e. democracy before liberalism. The goal of the book is analytic: to distinguish democracy as such from democratic liberalism. The aim is not to show that liberalism (defined as a commitment to inherent and universal human rights and to distributive justice) is otiose, but rather to determine how much of what liberals value is (and is not) delivered by democracy as such.