Past Events

January 27, 2014

Drawing on both qualitative ethnographic fieldwork and experimental evidence from a survey using Facebook social networks, this paper examines collective action among first movers and their networks during the Arab Spring protests in Morocco. It finds that the regime’s
efforts to repress political dissidents encouraged participation in or support for new protests.

January 22, 2014

Individuals with higher incomes are more likely to identify as Republicans. Yet, in most settings it is dicult to distinguish the eect of income from closely related variables such as education, occupation and family background. I use changes in income brought about by winning a daily lottery game to isolate the effect of income on partisanship for over 1,900 registered voters.

January 17, 2014



Professor Levi's talk is drawn from the book co-authored with John Ahlquist and recently published by Princeton University Press.  Details about the book can be found here: .  There is no paper to circulate. 







January 15, 2014






January 13, 2014

We argue that individuals have general responsibility attribution heuristics that apply to collective decisions made, for example, by families, teams within fi rms, boards in international organisations or coalition governments. We conduct laboratory and online survey experiments designed to tease out the heuristics subjects use in their responsibility attribution for collective decision makers.