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Mar 13 2017 | CISAC News
Whether it's WikiLeaks and CIA documents or nuclear thieves, the danger from insiders in high-security organizations is escalating, according to political science professor Scott Sagan, who has co-edited a new book Insider Threats on the subject. Read more
Mar 7 2017 | Stanford News
President Donald J. Trump signed a revised executive order Monday banning immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries, setting the stage for another battle pitting executive power against judicial authority. Stanford Reportasked four Stanford scholars, including political science professor Terry...
Feb 27 2017 | Political Science
Congratulations to Scott Sagan, who this week received the Susan Strange award from the International Studies Association. The award recognizes a person whose "singular intellect, assertiveness, and insight most challenge conventional wisdom and intellectual and organizational complacency" in...
Feb 13 2017 | Stanford News
Polisci alumnus Nicholas "Nick" Ahamed was one of the 36 Americans awarded scholarship to pursue graduate students at the University of Cambridge in England. Read more 
In conversation with Insights by Stanford Business, Professor Jens Hainmueller reflected on the implications — economic, political, moral — of the Trump administration’s approach to immigrants and refugees. Read more here