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Putting Vote In Box
Oct 23 2014 | Stanford News Service
Drawing from ancient democracy and modern game theory, Stanford classics and political science Professor Josiah Ober warns that contemporary assumptions about democracy can lead to unrealistic expectations of what democracy can deliver.
Political disagreements are harder for Americans to bridge than racial or religious differences, according to a study co-authored by Stanford political scientist Shanto Iyengar.
Oct 8 2014 | Stanford News
New Stanford research shows that Democrats and Republicans are increasingly polar opposites – their political biases spill over into their social lives. Along party lines and ideology, more than even race or religion, Americans are distrustful of those who are not politically similar.
Condi Rice
Oct 3 2014 | Stanford News
CONDOLEEZZA RICE, professor of political science and Denning Professor in Global Business and the Economy at the Graduate School of Business, will receive West Point’s Sylvanus Thayer Award on Monday, Oct. 6, at the U.S. Military Academy.
Jim Fearon
Sep 24 2014 | Stanford News
Nine times as many people around the world are killed in disputes between individuals, including domestic violence, than are killed in civil wars, according to Stanford political scientist James Fearon. This could change if nations focus on preventing violence in the home, improving police work and...
Gary Segura
Sep 19 2014 | Stanford News
For Stanford political scientists GARY SEGURA and SIMON JACKMAN, the 2016 election season promises to be a busy one.