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Jack Rakove
Sep 1 2016 | Stanford News
Stanford history Professor Jack Rakove offers a long-term perspective on some of the changes and challenges facing the U.S. political system. The presidency has emerged as the strongest of the three government branches while Congress is seemingly paralyzed by partisanship.
Aug 25 2016 | Stanford News
Is the 2016 election rewriting the rules of the game? From media and money to political polarization, Stanford law Professor Nate Persily identifies fundamental changes that could have lasting effects. The 2016 election is revising the political playbook – from the causes and consequences of...
Aug 24 2016 | Stanford News
Stanford scholars offer insight and perspectives on Election 2016 through the Wide Angle project and stories about their research on a wide variety of political and democratic issues.
Aug 24 2016 | Stanford News
In a Wide Angle video, Stanford political science Professor Margaret Levi examines surveys showing less trust in government today than decades ago and finds that the question is too vague. Americans are skeptical of individual politicians and of particular policies, she says, but they behave in...