Mackenzie Israel-Trummel

Mackenzie Israel-Trummel
PhD Candidate
mackisr [at] stanford [dot] edu

Mackenzie Israel-Trummel is a PhD candidate in American Politics whose research interests include race, gender, political identity and behavior. Her dissertation project uses intersectionality as an analytical framework to understand three puzzles related to political attitudes and behavior. Her first paper examines how candidates' race and gender operate individually and jointly to influence voter support, and in particular how Black women candidates fare under conditions of racial threat. Her second project explores how gender conditions linked fate for Black Americans, and finds that beliefs about gender discrimination affect Black women's sense of racial linked fate. Her last paper tests the possibilities for cross-racial voting coalitions among Latino voters, and explores how discrimination can promote co-minority cooperation.

Mackenzie is involved with a variety of other research projects both within and outside the American politics subfield, including how partisans vote when their issue preferences don't match their party's policy platform, how gender shapes attitudes toward trade policy, the consequences of wartime rape, and the political effects of felon disenfranchisement. Her works employs analysis of existing cross-national and survey data as well as experimental methods. Her work is supported by the Graduate Research Opportunity at Stanford University and the Laboratory for the Study of American Values.


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