Research Honors Track

This innovative program leads to a BA degree with honors and will give participants the analytical tools they need to write top-notch honors theses and collaborate with Stanford faculty and Ph.D. students.  Through a specially designed program of study and research, students will develop the foundation for successful careers in academia, law, government, business, and other fields.  Undeclared freshmen and sophomores are welcome to apply. Applications are due Wednesday, October 22nd, by 5pm.

Special Coursework

Prior to writing the thesis, Research Honors Track students will take three faculty-taught honors seminars: Political Institutions (PS 291), Political Behavior (PS 292), and Research Design (PS 293). These special seminars will be held during the winter and spring quarters. (Students who wish to study abroad may do so during the fall quarter.) During the senior year, students will take advanced-level electives.

Honors Thesis

In their senior year, all Research Honors Track students will write an honors thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor. They will also meet regularly with advanced graduate student mentors, and with other members of the honors program, to present their research and receive feedback on their honors projects.

Summer Research Experience

Each Research Honors Track student must complete at least one intensive summer research experience. Students may gain this experience by: (1) participating in the Political Science Department’s Summer Research College, a ten-week program in which students get paid to help faculty with research projects; and/or (2) spending a summer developing their honors thesis or other research project, under the direction of a faculty mentor.

Other Benefits

Research Honors Track students will receive privileged access to lab space in the Political Science Department. They will also have access to statistical software and will receive consulting from advanced Ph.D. students.

Research Honors Track Application Requirements

A complete application includes (1) a transcript, (2) a letter of recommendation from a member of the Stanford Political Science faculty or from a teaching assistant in a Political Science course, and (3) a personal statement about your interest in the Research Honors Track. Strongest applications are from students who have successfully completed two Introductory lecture courses in Political Science (PoliSci 1, 2, 3 or 3P, 4). Applicants are also encouraged to take two courses in quantitative methods before beginning the program, but they may complete this requirement during junior year.

How can I learn more?

Students will be advertising the program in classes or you can talk to one of our Peer Advisors for more information.

Can't make it to an info session?  

Email sburbank [at] stanford [dot] edu (Stephanie Burbank) for more information.