Theory Workshop - Hugh Lazenby

<p><strong>What is Equality of Opportunity in Education?</strong></p>
Friday, February 22, 2013 - 1:15pm - 3:00pm
400 Encina Hall West

Equality of opportunity in education is interpreted in different ways. For some it means that each child should be legally permitted to go to school. For others it requires that each child receives the same educational resources. Further interpretations abound. This fact presents a problem: when politicians or academics claim they are in favour of equality of opportunity in education it is unclear what they mean and debate is hindered by mutual misunderstanding.

In this paper I introduce a framework to ameliorate this problem. More specifically, I develop an important but neglected framework for the concept of equality of opportunity and apply it to examine particular conceptions of equality of opportunity in education. In doing this I produce a piece of applied conceptual analysis that can both help clarify existing positions within the equality of opportunity in education debate and allow those seeking to produce new positions to express them more clearly.

Hugh Lazenby completed his D.Phil. at Oxford University, writing a thesis entitled, "A Conception of Equality of Opportunity." The thesis sought to elaborate a luck egalitarian conception of equality and apply that conception in particular contexts.

While at Stanford, Hugh will be contributing to the Spencer Foundation sponsored project on "Equality of Opportunity in Education."

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