Rob Reich

Stanford political scientist Rob Reich brings together scholars from multiple disciplines in new book, Digital Technology and Democratic Theory

How should we take stock of digital technologies and their promise and peril for reshaping democratic societies and institutions? To answer, Digital Technology and Democratic Theory broaches the most pressing technological changes and issues…

Hakeem Jefferson

President Biden’s first day in office signaled a new era in American politics, Stanford scholars say

“Joe Biden has a real opportunity to bring a measure of justice to communities of color as he promised to do throughout his campaign,” Assistant Professor of Political Science Hakeem Jefferson said.

Francis Fukuyama

Political scientists Francis Fukuyama and Larry Diamond debate fallout from the Capitol riots

Scholars say there is much work to be done to restore confidence in democracy in America and around the world.
Michael McFaul

Post-insurrection, the U.S. needs to set its own house in order, says political scientist Michael McFaul

Former U.S. ambassador to Russia and Stanford political scientist Michael McFaul recommends that the incoming Biden administration “go big” in its efforts to reaffirm core democratic values – including passing comprehensive…

Capitol Rotunda

Stanford scholars react to Capitol Hill takeover

Here, Stanford scholars – from legal experts to political scientists – share their thoughts... on what led to an aggressive act of rebellion against the American government.