Rob Reich

Professor Rob Reich is awarded a 2020 Seed Grant from the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

The seed research grants are designed to support new, ambitious, and speculative ideas with the objective of getting initial results.

Capitol Rotunda

No matter who wins the 2020 election, governing will be difficult, say Stanford political scientists

While much remains unclear about the outcome of the 2020 U.S election, one thing is certain: about half the voting population is going to be unhappy with its outcome. No matter which candidate wins, governing effectively will be difficult, said…

Judith Goldstein

Professor Judith L. Goldstein at the helm of the Faculty Senate

At her first meeting as chair of the Faculty Senate, Professor Judith L. Goldstein told faculty members that they must play an even more important role in university life this year, given the 'new normal' that characterizes teaching, learning and…

Political Science Logo

Party sorting to blame for political stalemate, says Stanford political scientist

The increased polarization between the Democratic and Republican parties has made for bad politics: As Democrats become more consistently liberal and Republicans more consistently conservative, the possibility of bipartisan compromise has greatly…

Charles Drekmeier

Social theorist Charles Drekmeier, professor emeritus of political science, died in his Palo Alto home on Aug. 25

Charles Drekmeier, professor emeritus of political science in the School of Humanities and Sciences, died in his Palo Alto home on Aug. 25. He was 92.

A social theorist, Drekmeier was known on campus for being an active voice during both…