Daniel Ho

Big Data blindspots hide COVID-19's victims, asserts Stanford political scientist Daniel Ho

“The first step is understanding the blind spots,” says Ho. “Once you can know the source of bias, you can start to correct for it.”

Larry Diamond

Deliberative Polling methods advanced by Stanford scholars found helpful in bridging partisan divisions

As Americans grapple with how to tackle some of the country’s most pressing problems, coming together to address those challenges is critical. But in an atmosphere where partisan tensions run deep, is that even possible?

Kathryn Stoner

Stanford political scientist Kathryn Stoner outlines challenges and next steps in U.S. diplomacy with Russia

Here, in the first of a two-part Q&A, Stanford scholar Kathryn Stoner talks with Stanford News Service about what to expect from U.S.-Russia diplomacy moving forward and what the Biden administration can do to advance global security abroad…

Rob Reich

Stanford political scientist Rob Reich brings together scholars from multiple disciplines in new book, Digital Technology and Democratic Theory

How should we take stock of digital technologies and their promise and peril for reshaping democratic societies and institutions? To answer, Digital Technology and Democratic Theory broaches the most pressing technological changes and issues…

President Biden’s first day in office signaled a new era in American politics, Stanford scholars say

“Joe Biden has a real opportunity to bring a measure of justice to communities of color as he promised to do throughout his campaign,” Assistant Professor of Political Science Hakeem Jefferson said.