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Special Topics: Egypt: Politics and Society-Between Vision and Reality


For centuries, Egypt has served as the center of historical civilization, characterized by its social tolerance its geo-strategic position and its middle eastern cultural avant-garde. The people uprising of January 2011, which culminated with the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, triggered a cascade of political and social deterioration. This deterioration had dragged the country into a spiral of violence and instability, raising the specter of a possible civil war, which eventually would have brought to the demise of statehood.n Analysts, Politicians and Commentators are arising legitimate questions as for the reasons behind this deterioration as well as the reemergence of a wave of violence and terror. The course will deal with these questions as well as the traditional role of the Muslim Brotherhood, in forging the social and political shape of Egypt. n In addition, the course will assess the probabilities of implementing the Islamists ultimate goal, meaning the restoration of the Caliphate as a model for governance as well as the appearance of Jihadi elements in Sinai whom are striving towards the same objective. The course will also assess the probabilities of restoring stability and efficient governance after the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood president and the takeover by the actual President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi. The lecturer will bring a firsthand testimony, as an eyewitness of the historical upheaval, which occurred in 2011, known as the Egyptian revolution as well as from his personal experience. The purpose of the course towards its end is to provide the students with the appropriate tools and knowledge to conduct a self-analysis of current developments and being able to answer the endless question, Egypt were to?

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