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Special Topics: EGYPT: Politics, Terror and Society: From Vision to Reality


Egypt has for centuries been one of the world's central civilization: a country characterized by social tolerance, at the avant-garde of Middle East culture, which also occupies a critically important geostrategic position in the region. This course will examine the political, social, and security challenges Egypt has had to deal with since becoming a modern state. The course will look at the decision-making process of its different rulers, focusing on the nuances between the theoretical and the practical. The course is designed around three central pillars: a look at the country's history, its ideological undercurrents, and expectations for the future. It will look at the causes of the country's social problems and look at the deterioration of the security situation that has led to an emergence of extremism. In addition, it will address what needs to be done to restore stability and efficient government. The lecturer will bring his own first-hand testimony, as an eyewitness to the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 that led to the downfall of The President. The purpose of the course is to provide students with the tools to be able to look at the current developments in the country, conduct a self-analysis and answer one seeming endless question: Whither Egypt?

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