In Song Kim

Encina Hall West, room 400



In Song Kim is Associate Professor of Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He completed his Ph.D. in Politics at Princeton University. His research interests include International Political Economy and Formal and Quantitative Methodology. His research focuses on the political economy of lobbying and campaign donation, estimation of political preferences, and causal inference with panel data. His dissertation won the 2015 Mancur Olson Award for the Best Dissertation in political economy. An article version of this research received the 2018 Michael Wallerstein Award for the best published article in political economy. In Song Kim conducts Big Data analysis of international trade. He is developing methods for dimension reduction and visualization to investigate how the structure of international trade around the globe has evolved over time. His work has appeared and is forthcoming in various academic journals, including the American Political Science Review,  American Journal of Political Science, Annual Review of Political Science, International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, Political Analysis, and The Journal of Politics.