Graduate Program Funding

Department Funding

The Department intends that all graduate students (both domestic and international) should have adequate support to enable them to complete their studies while enrolled full-time. The standard financial package offered to admitted students covers the full cost of tuition and an additional amount for living expenses during the academic year. The latter amount comes in the form of a stipend during the first year and a combination of teaching and research assistantships during years 2-5. The Department also provides students with annual funds for professional development, health insurance fees, and a living stipend for the first two summers. The Department provides five years of support for Ph.D. students who are making sufficient progress towards degree. Current information regarding tuition, fees, and living expenses.

Additional Sources of Funding

Students in all stages of the program are encouraged to apply for funding from outsides sources. In addition to the fellowship and grant opportunities administered by the School of Humanities and Sciences, there are numerous awards offered by area studies programs within Stanford, private foundations, and the federal government. Such awards can provide important funding for students to undertake fieldwork or language study, or to complete dissertation writing after departmental funding is no longer available.

Awards range from one-time grants of a few thousand dollars to multi-year fellowships that provide tuition and stipend. In cases where a student in years 1-5 wins such a comprehensive award (such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship), the Department may “top-up” the award with funds already allocated to that student, thereby providing the student with even more funding. Regardless of the size of the award, fellowships and grants are always notable additions to one’s CV. Students interested in applying for outside awards should discuss their plans with the Graduate Administrator.

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