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Job Placement

Placement History

Our graduate students have been very successful in securing positions at leading organizations in academia, industry, and government. Following is the placement history of recent graduates.


Name Dissertation title placement
Allie, Feyaad Power, Exclusion, and Identity: The Politics of Muslim Marginalization in India Harvard
Bate, Jon Does International Security Assistance Make an Impact? Evaluating the Strategic Effectiveness of Military Aid US Army
Fanlo, Abby To Co-opt or to Coerce? How the Adversaries of Great Power Proteges Respond to Retrenchment Facebook
Hai, Zuhad Essays on the Politics of Scientific and Technological Change New York University
Johnson, Jamal Racial Misinformation: How Americans Misperceive Racial Inequality Bain & Company
Kim, Jiwon Voting Across Divisions: How Ethnicity and Conflict Shape Political Preferences in Myanmar and Beyond Reformed University Fellowship
Lal, Apoorva Essays in Political Methodology Data Scientist, Netflix
Lee, Soyoung National Interest in International Relations: Domestic Distributional Consequences and Constraints to Conflict Yale
Lienesch, Rachel

Racial Politics of the White Left and Beyond

Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt
Napier, Creed At Arm’s Distance: How States Manage Escalation with Proxies and Denials Air Command and Staff College at Air University
Nowacki, Toby Essays in Political Economy Data Scientist, Deliveroo
Parker, Brett Essays on Judicial Selection and Judicial Behavior Federal judicial clerkship
Peters, Austin Essays on Machine Learning and Empirical Legal Studies Clerkship, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
Petrov, Philip Moral Cognition in Law and Policy Fellow, University of Chicago Law School
Sinnott, Shawna The Cyber Spiral? Operational and Political Implications of Emerging Domains of Warfare US Marine Corps
Toenshoff, Christina Hiding in the Crowd: Corporate Climate Lobbying under Investor and Consumer Pressure Leiden University
Toth, Aliz Of Land and Leviathan: How State-Society Bargaining Shapes Infrastructure in India LSE
Vargas Nunez, Cesar Borders of Solidarity - Politics, Immigration, and Health Claremont McKenna


Name Dissertation title placement
Aldridge, Alejandra Gimenez How Americans Think About Democracy Brigham Young University
Figueroa Alvarez, Valentin The Protestant Road to State Bureaucracy Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Fleischaker, Nathan Si vis pacem, para bellum: Essays on Military Preparations and Deterrence Marine Corps
Jee, Haemin Credit For Compliance: How Institutional Layering Ensures Compliance in China West Point
Kelly, Patrick The Civil-Military Politics of War Termination West Point
Kim, Sung Mi The Evolution of the Trading System:The Effects of Rising Preferential Trade Agreements Postdoc, UC San Diego
Robinson, Kaitlyn Organizing for Violence: The Politics of Militant Group Formation and Fragmentation in Armed Conflict Rice University
Schwartz, Avshalom Democratic Phantasies: Political Imagination and the Athenian Democracy Postdoc, Stanford Civics Initiative
Sukin, Lauren

The Risks of Nuclear States' Signals of Resolve

Zhang, Emily Rong Measurement and Representation Berkeley Law
Zhang, Tongtong Whose Voice Matters? Conformists, Non-conformists, and Responsiveness in China American University


Name Dissertation title placement
Abdelgadir, Aala Islamic Identity and Politics in Muslim-minority Contexts University of Pittsburgh
Alrababah, Ala' Media Manipulation at Home and Abroad Postdoctoral Fellow, Immigration Policy Lab, ETH Zurich
Fabrizio, Ashley Contingent Radicalization: Government Repression and Ethnonationalist Political Mobilization Quantitative Researcher, Facebook
Franco, Annie Essays on American Politics and the Science of Science Research Scientist, Facebook
Grinberg, Marc Misuse and Manipulation: The Strategic Politics of Military Capacity Building Postdoctoral Fellow, the Watson Institute of Public and International Affairs, Brown University
Hedgecock, Katie Deciphering the Implications of State-Sponsored Cyber Operations for IR Theory West Point
Lueders, Hans Political Representation in Democratic and Autocratic Regimes Postdoctoral Fellow, Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, Stanford University
Marble, Will Political Responses to Economic Change Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for the Study of Democratic Politics, Princeton University
Myrick, Rachel

Partisan Polarization and International Politics

Duke University
Rodriguez, Luis Crime and Impunity: Three Essays on the Drug War Facebook
Seaford, Artemis Autonomy, Intimacy, and the Law Public Policy, Facebook
Tyler, Matt Essays in Political Methodology Rice University
Van Lieshout, Elisabeth Demanding Deals: The Politics of Preferential Trade Agreements Trade Policy Analyst, OECD
Waldie, Bradford Friendship and Firepower: Long-term Security Commitment Among Like-minded States US Air Force
Yoder, Jesse Essays on Elections and Voting in the United States Research Scientist, Facebook
Zhang, Anna Go West, Young Han: Internal Migration as a Strategy of Counterinsurgency Washington University in St. Louis, after postdoc at University of Pennsylvania


Name Dissertation title placement
Basu, Jacqueline The Social Basis of Legitimacy: Public Discourse and the Ratification of the U.S. Constitution Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
Bauer, Vincent

Does Doctrine Matter? The role of discretion during counterinsurgency

Research Analyst, Data Science Team at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) in DC
Cryer, Jennifer Navigating Identity and Strategic Home Style: How Race and Gender Influence Candidate Campaign Communication USC
DeHart, Cameron The Proliferation of State and Local Elections in the United States, 1776-1900 Lecturer, University of California, Merced
Franco Vivanco, Edgar Strategies of Indigenous Resistance and Assimilation to Colonial Rule University of Michigan
Hausman, David Arbitrations in Administrative Courts Berkeley Law, after postdoc at Stanford
Hundley, Lindsay Foreign-Backed Leadership Change and Maintenance Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford
Lee, Nathan Responsiveness to Expertise in 21st Century American Politics Rochester Institute of Technology
MacDonald, Bobbie Room to Move: Political Accountability of "Lawmakers" in the Kenya National Assembly 1998-2019 Senior Data Scientist, Our World in Data
Malik, Mashail Why do Ethnic Parties Flourish or Die?: The Microfoundations of Identity Politics in Pakistan’s Megacity Harvard
Mousa, Salma Conflict, Contact, and Social Cohesion in the Middle East Yale University
Parreira, Christiana

Family, Faith and Informal Order in Postwar Lebanon

Graduate Institute, Geneva
Pena Rangel, David Leveling Down All Things Considered Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)
Schaftel, Ben Public Confidence in the United States Military United States Air Force
Snyder, Neil A Loud Voice and a Big Stick: Essays on Military Influence in America United States Army
Song, Eunhou Esther NGOs, the State, and Legitimacy in Contemporary China Research Fellow, German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA)
Thompson, Dan Essays on the Political Economy of Elections UCLA
Williamson, Scott The King Can Do No Wrong: Blame Games and Regime Survival under Authoritarian Rule Bocconi University after postdoc at NYU Abu Dhabi


Name Dissertation title placement

Blackman, Alexandra

The Politicization of Faith: Settler Colonialism, Education, and Political Identity in Tunisia

Cornell after postdoc at NYU Abu Dhabi
Brooks, Andrew     The Impact and Creation of British Colonial Armies in Africa     Data Scientist, Paradigm Strategies
Emeriau, Mathilde     When Bureaucratic Discretion Leads to Discrimination: Evidence from France     London School of Economics
Esberg, Jane     Strategies of Repression: Killings, Courts, and Censorship in Authoritarian Regimes     University of Pennsylvania after postdoc at Princeton
Krupenkin, Masha     Essays on Partisan Negativity     Boston College
Malone, Iris     Insurgency Formation and Civil War Onset     George Washington University after postdoc at CISAC
McNamee, Lachlan     Demographic Engineering: Geopolitics, State-Sponsored Demographic Change, and the Construction of Political Order     UCLA after postdoc at the European University Institute
Mintz, Kevin     Sex-Positive Political Theory: Pleasure, Power, Public Policy and the Pursuit of Sexual Liberation     Postdoc at the National Institutes of Health
Spahn, Brad  Before the American Voter     Research Scientist, Facebook

Streeter, Shea    

The Racial Politics of Police Violence in the United States     University of Michigan


Name Dissertation title placement

Bansak, Kirk    

Essays in Political Methodology    

University of California, San Diego
Chu, Jonathan     The Liberal Democratic Community and Humanitarian War     National University of Singapore, after postdoc at University of Pennsylvania
Jackson, Marlette     Beyond the State: The Effect of Religious and Ethnic Elites on State-Building in East Africa     Diversity and Inclusion, Stanford School of Engineering
Lamboy, Lily     Evaluative Justice     Lecturer, Stanford University
Liu, Adam     The Political Origin and Economic Consequences of Bank Proliferation in China     National University Singapore after postdoc at Yale
Liu, Glory     Inventing the Invisible Hand: Adam Smith and the Making of an American Creed     Postdoc at Brown
Liu, Lizhi     From Click to Boom: The Political Economy of E-Commerce in China     Georgetown Business School
Perlman, Rebecca     Precaution in The Private Interest     Princeton University
Persen, Kerry     The Moderates' Dilemma: Obstacles to Mobilizing Against Islamist Extremism    Postdoc at CISAC

Robinson, Michael    

Danger Close: Military Politicization and Elite Credibility     West Point
Shen, Shiran     Political Pollution Cycle: The Inconvenient Truth and How to Break It     University of Virginia


Name Dissertation title placement

Barlow, Robert    

The origins and requirements of the duty to promote justice     Hult International Business School
Ejdemyr, Simon     Essays on the Allocation of Local Public Goods     Quantitative Researcher, Facebook
Fresh, Adriane     Elites, Institutions and Economic Development     Duke University after postdoc at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at Vanderbilt University
Haskell, Jennifer     What We Say When We Talk About China: The Role of Trade Politics in Driving China's Image in the U.S.     Data Scientist, Nuna Health
Kitagawa, Risa     Violence, Justice, and Reconciliation: The Politics of Transitional Justice in Societies Recovering from War     Northeastern University after Columbia University postdoc
Min, Eric     Negotiation in War     UCLA after CISAC postdoc
Mummolo, Jonathan     Modern Police Tactics, Police-Citizen Interactions and the Prospects for Reform     Princeton University
Paglayan, Agustina     Political Origins of Public Education Systems     University of California, San Diego after Center for Global Development postdoc
Parthasarathy, Ramya     The Politics and Policies of Inclusion     Consultant at McKinsey & Company
Payson, Julia     When Governments Lobby     New York University
Petersen, Erik     Causes and Consequences of News Media Content     Texas A&M after Dartmouth postdoc
Robles, Gustavo     Essays on the political economy of Violence in Mexico     Research Associate, Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, Stanford University
Weinreb, Jason     Political Risks in International Finance     Quantitative Geopolitical Analyst, Kensho Technologies
Zhang, Kelly     Voter Pessimism and Politician Corruption: Evidence from Kenya     Data Scientist, Social Capital


Name DISSERTATION TITLE     placement
Anoll, Allison Social Norms, Structural Segregation and the Mechanics of Political Participation Vanderbilt
Christensen, Darin The Determinants and Consequences of Foreign Investment in Africa University of California, Los Angeles
Downey, Kara Building the Nation, Binding the State: Nationalism, Insecurity, and Ethnic Tolerance in Kyrgyzstan Energy Data Analyst at Opinion Dynamics
Garfias, Francisco Weak States and the Development of State Capacity University of California, San Diego
Katagiri, Azusa Essays on Interstate Crises and Audiences: A Text Analysis Approach to US Foreign Relations Nanyang Technological University
Kronick, Dorothy The Politics of Criminal Violence University of Pennsylvania
Neuman, Craig Revealing Resolve or Crippling Credibility? The Signalling Effect of Economic Sanctions Air Force Special Operations Command
Perry, Tomer Democratic Justice in Global Affairs Research Associate, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University
Platas Izama, Melina

Muslim Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

New York University, Abu Dhabi


name dissertation title placement
Bonilla-Worsley, Tabitha The Impact of Campaign Promises on Voter Behavior University of Southern California Post-Doc
Bonheim, Jeff Military Strategy and Public Support for War US Military Academy at West Point
Figueroa, Lucila Cultural Norms and Attitudes Toward Immigrants in the US Senior Researcher at Vera Institute of Justice after University of Virginia Post-Doc
Israel-Trummel, Mackenzie Politics at the Intersections: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Political Identity and Behavior University of Oklahoma
Lee, Melissa Mind the Gap? The International Sources of Sovereignty and State Weakness Princeton University
Lee, Carrie The Politics of Military Operations US Air War College 
Opalo, Ken Institutions and Political Change: The Case of African Legislatures Georgetown University
Prather, Lauren Self-Interest, Group Interest, and Values: The Determinants of Mass Attitudes Towards Foreign Aid in Donor Countries University of California, San Diego
Puente, Lucas How does politics affect central banking Thumbtack Inc.
Rho, Sungmin The Workers' Dilemma: Factory Workers and Collective Action in China University of Pennsylvania Post-Doc followed by the Graduate Institute, Geneva
Wilkins, Arjun Ideological Sorting and the Transformation of American Politics Facebook


name dissertation title placement
Coyne, Brian Non-State Governance and Non-State Legitimacy Teaching Fellow, Stanford University
Gillum, Rachel Muslim-American Identity, Integration, and Government Relations in the Post-9/11 Environment RiceHadleyGates and Stanford University's Center for International Conflict and Negotiation
Gulotty, Robert Governing Trade Beyond Tariffs: The politics of multinational production and its implications for international cooperation University of Chicago
Hamisi, Lonjezo Secretary or General?: The U.N. Secretary-General's Diplomatic Interventions in International Conflicts Department of Political Affairs, United Nations Secretariat
Jeon, Sangick Essays on the Costs and Benefits of Ethnic Diversity
Livny, Avital A State of Distrust: Islamic Mobilization in Turkey and the Muslim World University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Zhang, Nan Corruption and Social Norms: Explaining Corruption's Persistence in the Face of  Moral Condemnation European University Institute


name Dissertation title placement
Brule, Rachel Gender Equity, Legal Reform and Local Institution: The Political Economy of Gender-Equalizing Land Inheritance Reform in Rural India New York University, Abu Dhabi
Dropp, Kyle Strategic Elite Rhetoric, Manipulation of Electoral Institutions and Voter Decision-Making Dartmouth College
Gottlieb, Jessica Peasants into Democrats: Evaluating the Determinants of Democratic Failure in Mali Texas A&M
Jackman, Molly The Institutional Foundations of Majority Party Power Fellow at the Brookings Institution, followed by  Vanderbilt
Jackman, Saul War, Presidential Action, and Congressional Reaction Fellow at the Brookings Institution, followed by  Vanderbilt
Lee, Alexander Diversity and Power: Caste in Colonial India University of Rochester
Li, Xiaojun Access, Institutions and Policy Influence: The Changing Political Economy of Trade Protection in Post-Reform China University of British Columbia
Robinson, Amanda Trust Amid Diversity: Nationalism and Interethnic Trust in Africa Ohio State University


name Dissertation title placement
Gowder, Paul An Egalitarian Theory of the Rule of Law University of Iowa Law School
Gross, Wendy Opinions About Hispanics: Causes and Consequences Knowledge Networks
Kricheli, Ruth Mass Participation under Autocratic Rule Facebook
Ling, Paul Confidence-Building Measures:  A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis U.S. Naval Academy
Matanock, Aila International Insurance: Why Militant Groups and Governments Compete with Ballots Instead of Bullets University of California, San Diego Post-Doc followed by University of California, Berkeley
Stein, Rachel Crime, Punishment, and War George Washington University
Tausanovitch, Christopher Ideology and Representation in the United States University of California, Los Angeles
Warshaw, Christopher Issue Representation in the 107th-111th Congresses Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Name dissertation title placement
Albertus, Michael Political Regimes and Redistribution University of Chicago
Anzia, Sarah Election Timing and the Political Influence of the Organized University of California, Berkeley
Condra, Luke Ethnic Group Rebellion in Civil War University of Pittsburg (GSPIA)
Golby, James Duty, Honor, Party? US Military Academy at West Point
Handler, Scott Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Understanding Modern State-building (and Counterinsurgency) US Military Academy at West Point
Harlan, Danielle Examining Judicial Divisiveness on the Supreme Court of the United States Carnegie Foundation
Izquierdo, Richard Rethinking Presidential Constructions of Constitutional Regimes: The Inverse Dynamics of Leadership and Historical Context Princeton University, Thomas W. Smith Postdoctoral Research Associate
Johnson, Tim Service after Serving: The Hiring, Performance, and Compensation of Military Veterans in the United States Federal Civilian Bureaucracy Willamette University
Lidow, Nicholai Violent Order: Rebel Organization and Liberia's Civil War University of California, San Diego Post-Doc
Peters, Maggie Open Trade, Closed Borders: Immigration Policy in the Era of Globalization University of Wisconsin, Madison
Velasco, Nicole Essays on Democratization and Redistribution in the Philippines Lee University
Valenzuela, Ali Identity in Context: How Neighborhoods, Churches and Campaigns Shape Latino Unity Princeton University


name dissertation title placement
Bhavnani, Rikhil Political Inequality: Effects and Remedies Princeton CSDP Post-Doc followed by University of Wisconsin
Condra, Luke Ethnic Group Rebellion in Civil War University of California, San Diego Post-Doc
Kaplan, Oliver Civilian Autonomy in Civil War Stanford University Post-Doc
Lacina, Bethany The politics of security policy: Evidence from language violence in India, 1950-1989 University of Rochester
Lee, Charlotte Party adaptation, elite training, and political selection in reform-era China Hamilton College
Mittal, Sonia Dynamic Constitutional Stability Attending Yale Law School
Raso, Connor Procedural Constraints on Agency Rulemaking: An Analysis of Political Control of the Bureaucracy Judicial Clerk, US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Tahk, Alexander Essays on the Statistical Analysis of Roll-Call Votes and Judicial Citations University of Wisconsin


name dissertation title placement
Adida, Claire Immigrant Exclusion and Insecurity in Africa University of California-San Diego
Ang, Yuen Yuen State, Market, and Bureau-Contracting in Reform China Columbia University SIPA
Chen, Jowei Essays on the Electoral Geography of Distributive Politics University of Michigan
Cohen, Dara Explaining Sexual Violence During Civil War University of Minnesota
Dragu, Tiberiu Essays on Executive Power University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Driscoll, Jesse Exiting Anarchy: Militia Politics After the Post-Soviet Wars University of California, San Diego
Harbridge, Laurel Bipartisanship in a Polarized Congress Northwestern University
Kuo, Alexander Political Origins of Firm Strategies Center for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Juan March Institute, Cornell University
Menaldo, Victor Banking on Redistribution in Latin America: Transaction Costs, Democracy, and Fiscal Redistribution in Latin America  from 1808 to 2008 University of Washington
Price, Bryan Removing the Devil You Know: Unraveling the Puzzle Behind Decapitation Effectiveness and Terrorist Group Duration US Military Academy at West Point


name dissertation title placement
Carnes, Matthew The Politics of Labor Regulation in Latin America Georgetown University
Collins, Nathan Adaptive Models of Political Behavior Santa Fe Institute
Girod, Desha Foreign Aid and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Georgetown University
Lopez de Nava, Karla Democratic Accountability for Economic Performance:  Informational and Institutional Dynamics in Economic Voting Across Democracies, 1970-2005 Acumen, LLC
Malhotra, Neil Essays on Survey Methodology and Bandwagon Effects Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Margalit, Yotam Globalizations's Losers:  International Economic Integration and the Politics of Discontent Columbia University
McElwain, Kenneth Mori Manipulating Electoral Rules: Intra-Party Conflict, Partisan Interests, and Constitutional Thickness University of Michigan
Morrison, James An Unholy Trinity: The Influence of Locke, Smith, and Keynes on British Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy Middlebury College
Wallace, Jeremy Cities and Stability: Urbanization, Migration, and Authoritarian Resilience in China Ohio State University
Weeks, Jessica Leaders, Accountability, and Foreign Policy in Non-Democracies Cornell University


name dissertation title placement
Anderson, Robert An Informational Theory of Judicial Organization Pepperdine University Law School
Arriola, Leo Between Coordination and Cooptation: The Opposition's Dilemma in Africa University of California, Berkeley
Bambaci, Juliana Presidential Discretion in Separation of Powers Systems First Quadrant L.P.
Bullock, John Essays on Partisanship and Public Opinion: Bayesian Updating, Party Cues, and False Beliefs about Politics Yale
Butler, Daniel

Moving to Win: Candidate Positioning, Polarization, and the Partisan Control of Congress

Duggan, Catherine

Money from Strangers:  Indirect Regulation in Developing Financial Markets

Harvard Business School
Jesse, Stephen

Policy, Party and Perceptual Bias in American Politics

University of Texas, Austin
Shapiro, Jacob

The Terrorist's Challenge: Security, Efficiency, Control

Shimizu, Kay

Private Money as Public Funds: the Politics of Economic Downturn

Columbia University


name dissertation title placement
Anderson, Sarah

Who matters? : testing floor, party, and committee models of appropriations policy formation

University of California, Santa Barbara
Erdem, Ebru Political Salience of Ethnic Identities: A Comparative Study of Tajiks in Uzbekistan and Kurds in Turkey University of California, Riverside
Kasara, Kimuli Essays on Ethnic Politics in Africa Columbia University
Levendusky, Matt Sorting: Explaining Change in the American Electorate University of Pennsylvania
Lin, Chao-Chi Prime Ministerial Power and Policy Transformation: Party Politics in Political Reform in Japan National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Patel, David Islam, Information, and Social Order: The Strategic Role of Religion in Muslim Societies Cornell University
Sechser, Todd Winning Without a Fight: Power, Reputation, and Compellent Threats in International Crises University of Virginia
Smuthkalin, Worawut

Political regimes and welfare state development in East Asia : how state leaders matter to social policy expansion in Taiwan, Thailand, and China

Foreign Ministry, Royal Government of Thailand
Strickler, James Vincent Reconsidering Rosenberg: How His Challenge to Brown v. Board of Education May Be Better Met DePauw University


name dissertation title placement
Felter, Joe Taking Guns to a Knife Fight: A Case for Empirical Study of Counterinsurgency US Military Academy at West Point
Han, Hahrie

Issue publics and congressional representation : the dynamics of citizen policy concerns and political outcomes

Wellesley College
Ichino, Nahomi Essays on Ethnic Diversity and Political Instability in Sub-Saharan Africa Harvard Academy Post-Doc, then Harvard University
Jung, Joo-Youn Inside the State in Transition: Transforming the Economic Bureaucracies in South Korea, China, and Japan University of Alberta, Canada
Kim, Moonhawk Markets, Coalitions and Institutions: International Trade Integration and Political Reforms University of Colorado, Boulder
Mecham, Quinn From the Sacred to the State: Institutional Origins of Islamist Political Mobilization Middlebury College
Montgomery, Alex

Social action, rogue reaction : us post-cold war nuclear counterproliferation strategies

Reed College
Praditsarn, Netithorn GATT/WTO and Economic Development in Developing Countries: A Case of Thailand Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Putnam, Tonya Courts Without Borders? The Politics and Law of Extraterritorial Regulation Columbia University
Romero, Vidal

Misaligned interests and commitment problems : a study of presidents and their parties with application to the Mexican presidency and privatization in Latin America

ITAM (Mexico City)
Simpser, Alberto Making Votes Not Count: Strategic Incentives for Electoral Corruption University of Chicago
Stoll, Heather Social Cleavages, Political Institutions, and Party Systems:  Putting Preferences Back into the Fundamental Equation of Politics University of California, Santa Barbara


name dissertation title placement
Dimitrov, Martin Administrative Decentralization, Legal Fragmentation, and the Rule of Law in Transitional Economies: The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Laws in  China, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Taiwan Dartmouth College
Dubyak, William The Political Behavior of Individual US Military Members US Naval Academy
D'Onofrio, Eve Faith, Family, and Freedom:  The Battleground Over Children's Rights Boston University
Jacobi, Tonja The Judiciary’s Strategic Interactions with the Elected Branches in the American Political System Northwestern Law School
Law, David Essays on Judges and Judging University of San Diego (Law), University of California, San Diego (Political Science) and currently Washington University School of Law and Political Science
Major, Solomon The Domestic Politics of International Economic Sanctions Naval Post Graduate School
Marinov, Nikolay Deter, Bargain, Destabilize: Explaining the Initiation, Duration, and Success of Economic Sanctions Yale University
Pope, Jeremy The Electrical Foundations of Congressional Party Organization Brigham Young University
Razo, Armando Social Networks and Credible Commitments in Dictatorships Indiana University


name dissertation title placement
Fravel, M. Taylor The Long March to Peace: Explaining China's Settlement of Territorial Disputes University of California, Berkeley
Hassner, Ron The Path to Indivisibility:  The Role of Ideas in the Resolution of Intractable Territorial Disputes Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hillygus, D. Sunshine Understanding Receptivity to Political Campaigns: Voter Decision-making in Election 2000 Harvard University
Kelts, Steven Moralized Selves: Liberty and Self-Government in the Multicultural State George Washington University
Lawless, Jennifer Women and Elections: Who Runs?  Who Wins?  Does it Matter? Brown University
Sims, Gretchen Crosby Rethinking the Political Power of American Business:  The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility The Joyce Foundation
Terra, Jonathan Influence, Assets and Democracy: Who Got What After the Fall of Communism In East Central Europe? Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education Economics Institute, Czech Republic
Treier, Shawn Explaining Policy Change: Conversion and Replacement University of Georgia, currently University of Minnesota


name dissertation title placement
Clinton, Joshua Essays on Ideal Point Estimates and Their Uses Princeton
Guilmartin, Eugenia An Empirical Analysis of Right Wing Terrorism in the United States (1995-2001) US Military Academy
New, Michael A Comparison of Fiscal Discipline Measures Passed Through the Citizen Initiative to Fiscal Discipline Measures Enacted Through Other Means University of Alabama
Primo, David Essays on Bargaining and the Politics of Public Expenditures in the United States University of Rochester
Ramirez, Ricardo The Changing Landscape of California Politics, 1990-2000 University of Southern California
Rhodes, Sybil Crossed Wires? The Privatization of Public Utilities and the Rise of Consumer Movements in Latin America, 1985-2000: A Case Study of Telecommunications Western Michigan University


name dissertation title placement
Alence, Rod World Markets and the Politics of African Open Economies: Domestic Policy Responses to External Volatility in Ghana, 1937-84 University of Witwatersrand
Ayala, Louis J. Effect of Constituency Size on the Nature of Senate Representation Notre Dame
Cai, Yongshun The Silence of the Dislocated: Chinese Laid-off Employees in the Reform Period National University of Singapore
Chavez, Rebecca Bill The Construction of the Rule of Law in Nascent Democracies United States Naval Academy
Fazal, Tanisha Born To Lose and Doomed to Survive State Death and Survival In The International System Columbia University
Gould, Erica R. Financiers as Fund Principals: An Alternative Explanation of Changes in the Activities of the International Monetary Fund University of Virginia
Grob, Douglas Institutional Foundations of Partisan Change a New Look at Critical Elections in America University of Maryland
McIntosh-Sundstrom, Lisa Strength from Without? Transnational Actors on NGO Development in Russia University of British Columbia
Theriault, Sean M. Congress and the Power of the People University of Texas, Austin
Tiberghien, Yves E. Political Mediation of Global Economic Forces: The Politics of Corporate Restructuring in Japan, France, and South Korea University of British Columbia