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Election 2016

adamkaz / Getty Images
Aug 24 2016

Stanford scholars offer insight and perspectives on Election 2016 through the Wide Angle project and stories about their research on a wide variety of political and democratic issues.

Stanford scholars bring imaginative, new approaches to solving issues that our society faces. During the 2016 election, this collective knowledge offers insight for voters. These elections are breaking new ground on several fronts, from the voting experience to primary systems and democratic law. With this page, Stanford features content from Wide Angle, a project that offers scholarly, nonpartisan perspectives on the forces shaping the election as well as stories on election-related research and scholarship. This site offers expertise and analysis only, and is not intended to support or endorse any political candidate or cause.
Wide Angle: Election 2016 will tap Stanford experts for scholarly analysis and insights on the forces shaping the election and the challenges ahead. The ongoing series of 3-minute videos and interviews with Stanford faculty is designed to help us understand what is new, different and unique about this moment in history.