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Jim Fearon
Sep 24 2014 | Stanford News
Nine times as many people around the world are killed in disputes between individuals, including domestic violence, than are killed in civil wars, according to Stanford political scientist James Fearon. This could change if nations focus on preventing violence in the home, improving police work and...
Gary Segura
Sep 19 2014 | Stanford News
For Stanford political scientists GARY SEGURA and SIMON JACKMAN, the 2016 election season promises to be a busy one.
Shanto Iyengar Headshot
Apr 24 2014 | Stanford Report
The academy is one of the country's oldest and most prestigious honorary learned societies, and a leading center for independent policy research. Eleven Stanford professors recently have been elected as members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Flower in Vase
Apr 11 2014 | New York Times
Five years after the drama that began in 2008 — the failure of one bank after another, the decline in the stock market and the freezing up of finance — we still cannot seem to agree about the causes of the crisis. There are some who like to pin all the blame on the corrupt business practices of...
Cambridge Building
Feb 13 2014 | Stanford Report
David "Wei" Jai, '13, a doctoral student in Stanford's School of Engineering, and alumni Andrew Parker, '11, and Eric Tuan, '12, have been awarded scholarships for graduate studies at the University of Cambridge.