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Nineteen Stanford faculty have been named key public influencers in school policy and practice in the 2017 “Edu-Scholar” list. Among them are two Political Science faculty members, Terry Moe and Rob Reich. Read more
Jan 11 2017 | The New York Times
This New York Times article looks at partisanship and a series of experiments done by Professor Shanto Iyengar and former graduate student Sean Westwood to find out more about the consequences of polarization. Read more
Jan 10 2017 | Faculty
About Rob Reich is a Professor of Political Science and, by courtesy, Philosophy and at the Graduate School of Education. He is the faculty director of the Center for Ethics in Society, and co-director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. On his journey to becoming a political theorist:
About Kayla Economou is a senior in the Research Honors Track (RHT). She is writing her thesis on asymmetry in structural power and how vulnerability may be leveraged to a state’s advantage, particularly in the context of UN climate change negotiations. Although her thesis is in the realm of...
Dec 20 2016 | Stanford News
A passionate teacher and civil rights proponent, Marshall taught a popular Stanford class on American public policy for more than three decades and served on selection committees for Rhodes, Truman and Marshall scholarships. Hubert R. Marshall, longtime political science teacher at Stanford, dies...