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Nov 30 2016 | The New York Times
Political Science professor Bruce Cain is quoted in this article from The New York Times on California's "supermajorities" in both houses of the State Legislature.
Nov 21 2016 | Stanford Report
On the night of Nov. 8, many people were surprised by the returns, given poll results leading up to Election Day. Stanford scholars Bill Whalen, David Brady, Jon Krosnick, and Douglas Rivers weigh in on what happened. Stanford experts discuss polling challenges during the 2016 presidential election...
Professors Clayton Nall and Jonathan Rodden
Nov 2 2016 | New York Times
Political science professors Jonathan Rodden and Clayton Nall's research was just featured in the New York Times.  
Nov 2 2016 | Vox
Stanford political science professor Mo Fiorina's take on this election and polarization.
Jack Rakove
Sep 1 2016 | Stanford News
Stanford history Professor Jack Rakove offers a long-term perspective on some of the changes and challenges facing the U.S. political system. The presidency has emerged as the strongest of the three government branches while Congress is seemingly paralyzed by partisanship.