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Jun 7 2016 | Stanford News
Five members of the faculty, a staff member in academic advising and three students, including an undergraduate earning a coterminal master's degree and two PhD candidates, will receive awards on Sunday, June 12, at the 125th Commencement.
Police in Mexico
Jun 2 2016 | Stanford News
Stanford political scientist Beatriz Magaloni will lead an initiative to examine police corruption in Mexico, improve training and accountability, reduce the influence of organized crime and boost citizen trust in law enforcement.
Presidential hats of democrats and republicans boxing
May 17 2016 | Stanford News
Stanford political scientist Andrew Hall found that contentious primaries that receive heavy media coverage and voter attention tend to produce nominees who do less well in the general election.
Protest Saying Tax Rich
Apr 27 2016 | Stanford News
Stanford scholar Kenneth Scheve says history shows that mass mobilizations and changing tax fairness norms were key factors behind higher tax rates for the wealthy based on the premise that if labor is conscripted, the wealthy should pay their share, too.
French Canadians troops arrive at Buckingham Palace in London on May 7, 1940
Apr 15 2016 | The Atlantic
Five years ago, the billionaire Warren Buffett highlighted the fact that although the top marginal tax rates were rising for the wealthiest Americans, his effective tax rate was lower than his secretary’s.