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Adriane Fresh

Adriane Fresh

Ph.D. Candidate


Adriane Fresh is a PhD candidate in Political Science.  She studies elites, institutions, and economic development in historical political economy perspective.  Adriane's job market paper -- "Industrial Revolution and Political Change: Evidence from the British Isles" -- contends with the consequences of economic modernization for political development.  Using analysis of original historical data spanning the 18th and 19th centuries, geo-spatial analysis, and a quasi-experimental empirical design, the paper assesses how the Industrial Revolution in the British Isles affected the circulation of elites through political power.  The remaining papers of her dissertation ask why institutional changes sometimes upset the distribution of political power, but other times do not using evidence from Britain's first democratic reform and the 17th century Revolutionary Period.  In her broader research agenda on the political economy of development, Adriane examines questions of elite persistence and institutional change in the context of Chile, Mexico and the US South during the mid 20th century. 

While at Stanford, Adriane has served as a Teaching Assistant for PS1 - Intro to International Relations; PS4 - Intro to Comparative Politics; and PS110C - America and the World Economy.  She has also served as a Course Assistant in the IR Honors Program, the Political Science Research Honors Track, and the Stanford Freshman Seminar program.  Through the Prison University Project at San Quentin State Prison, she has also been the instructor for accredited college courses on Latin American history and generalized research methods.  In recognition of her teaching, Adriane was awarded the Stanford Centennial Teaching Assistant award in 2014.