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Adriane Fresh

Photo of Adriane Fresh

Adriane Fresh

Post-doctoral Fellow


I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at Vanderbilt University. Prior to my fellowship, I received my doctorate in Political Science from Stanford University in 2017 and my MA in Economics from Stanford in 2015.

I study the consequences of economic and institutional change for the composition of the political elite. My research is motivated by questions of who has access to political power, and what events and processes can concentrate or diversify that access. Trained as a comparativist and methodologist, I study a diverse set of regions and historical moments in Europe and Latin America, and bring a comparative perspective to a variety of questions about American political development. To date, my research has been published in the Journal of Politics.

At Stanford, I have been a teaching/course assistant for courses in Comparative Politics, American Politics and International Relations, and was the sole instructor for the Research Design Course for senior honors thesis writers. I've received recognition for my teaching in the form of the Stanford Centennial Teaching Assistant Award. Beyond Stanford, I have served as an instructor for accredited university courses in research methods, Latin American history and macroeconomics at prisons in California and Tennessee.