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AJ Sugarman

AJ Sugarman

Position: Junior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Class of 2014


While majoring in Political Science, AJ was part of the Research Honors Track. His thesis was entitled, "Do Counterinsurgents Make Good Neighbors? Insurgent Organization, Spillover Effects, and Violence in Iraq" for which he won the University Firestone Medal.

"Through Polisci, I learned the basic theories of how states interact and how countries develop, as well as the methods for designing good research projects, all of which I've used on various assignments. More practically, I left the department confident that I had the writing, speaking, and research skills to do good work in a professional, intellectual environment, even if I hadn't been exposed to the specific tasks or challenges before."

"As a Junior Fellow in Carnegie's South Asia program, I provide research assistance to senior scholars on projects ranging from understanding corruption in the Indian parliament, to tracking instability in Bangladesh, to analyzing the broader security architecture in the whole Indian Ocean region."