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Amanda Gelender

Position: Senior Manager of Social Impact at GitHub
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Amanda Gelender

"My area of concentration in Political Science was Political Philosophy. It provided me with an in-depth, robust theoretical orientation to the work I do every day. Grappling with the roles of our institutions and my role and responsibility as a social changemaker created the springboard for my post-collegiate work. I'm incredibly grateful for the political science education I received at Stanford.

I spearhead initiatives on community partnerships, diversity & inclusion, and leveraging technology for meaningful social change. I also advise on mental health best practices for employees.

As senior manager, I oversee our social impact flagship projects in the US and internationally including ConnectHome, a public-private partnership to bridge the digital divide in public housing. We work with partners to create a pipeline from public housing to tech innovation, closing gaps and investing in the latent tech talent in low-income communities. The program brings free and low-cost high-speed Broadband wireless home internet connections, devices, and tech training to residents. The ConnectHome pilot impacts more than 250,000 families living in 28 public housing communities across the US."