Amy Woolf

Position: Specialist in Nuclear Weapons Policy
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Amy Woolf

"A graduate degree in public policy was a natural path for someone with an undergraduate degree in political science. But my career in nuclear weapons and arms control began at Stanford, in the Political Science Department’s undergraduate classes on nuclear weapons and arms control. I continue to interact with the scholars and experts at CISAC, which allows me to hold on to my links to the Farm. In addition, because I work for Congress, and truly understand how the U.S. government works, I get to step back and view the policy process with the perspective of a political scientist."

"I work for the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress, providing expert information and analysis to Congress on issues related to U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons and arms control. I also speak to students and other groups outside Congress, providing insights into the role that Congress plays in supporting U.S. nuclear weapons and arms control policies and in providing oversight and funding to U.S. nuclear weapons programs."