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Carrie A. Lee

Carrie A. Lee Headshot

Carrie A. Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Notre Dame International Security Center


Carrie A. Lee is a PhD Candidate in International Relations and Comparative Politics.  Her dissertation evaluates the effect of domestic politics on military operations at war, specifically asking how politicians in democratic states alter the timing and objectives of military missions in the lead-up to an election.   She uses both qualitative and quantitative evidence from multiple countries during World War II, Vietnam, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to argue that domestic political incentives alter the way military doctrine is implemented on the battlefield as politicians campaign for reelection. Carrie's dissertation was awarded first runner-up for the 2015 Ken Waltz Prize in Security Studies.

Other work has focused on the role of reconstruction and troop concentration in reducing violence during counterinsurgency campaigns and the role of technology in accelerating regime collapse during the Arab Spring.