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David Schnabel

Position: Managing Partner, OS Growth Partners, LLC
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David Schnabel

"My Political Science major has been extremely helpful throughout my career. My studies helped me understand how the world operates and how events are often interconnected. This global perspective is useful when evaluating the likely prospects of a potential acquisition or strategic investment. Although the world has changed dramatically since I graduated, my Political Science major gave me a foundation to understand how to manage globally and how to build relationships with partners or employees from other parts the world. One of the most essential skills in business is communicating effectively; my studies at Stanford clearly helped prepare me to crystallize concepts and convey essential messages. My degree has also served as a reminder to always try to do good while doing well.

After college, I joined Goldman Sachs & Co. as an investment banking analyst. After 2 years, I left to attend Harvard Business School. Following business school, I began working as a management consultant with the strategic advisory firm, McKinsey & Company. I later joined a family office in Dallas, leading acquisitions of companies and assets across a range of segments. One of the companies we purchased was Gold's Gym International, the global operator and franchisor of several hundred fitness facilities. In 2009, I raised capital and acquired an educational technology company, which I managed, grew, and eventually sold. I recently co-founded an investment firm to acquire and operate additional companies, while helping support the development of entrepreneurs."