Elin Bergman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Political Science
Elin Bergman is Wallenberg Postdoctoral Scholar at the Department of Political Science at Stanford University. She researches redistributive politics, in particular efforts to capture the political support of the low-income (poor) electorate through programmatic or clientelist means. The geographical focus is Latin America.

Bergman is currently working on a book manuscript about the determinants of conditional cash transfer (CCT) program adoption. The theory is based on the ability of cheap CCTs to simultaneously attract the support of the poor (CCT beneficiaries) and the tax-shy, clientelism-averse rich electorate. A cross-class coalition of poor and rich voters in favor of CCTs can explain why CCTs first emerged in Brazil and Mexico that both have long traditions of using clientelism and vote buying to win the support of the poor electorate.

Bergman earned her PhD degree in political science at Göteborgs universitet, Sweden, in 2019. She has previously studied at the University of Chicago and Uppsala universitet.