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Jamelia Morgan

Position: Litigation Fellow, ACLU National Prison Project
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Jamelia Morgan

"My political science degree prepared me well for my future legal studies. My courses in political science exposed me to a wide variety of topics within political theory, including, of course, justice, law, and rights. Classroom discussions on the rights and equality in my political science courses eventually sparked my interest in pursuing a career in civil rights law to ensure just outcomes for marginalized communities."

"As the Arthur Liman Fellow at the ACLU National Prison Project, I lead our research and advocacy on the use of solitary confinement on physically disabled prisoners as part of the Stop Solitary Campaign. The overall aim of Stop Solitary is to work to end solitary confinement as a practice in American prisons. To that end, as a fellow, my primary focus will be to raise awareness of the plight of prisoners with physical disabilities living in solitary confinement. My project’s strategy for reducing and eventually eliminating the use of solitary confinement in American prisons will involve producing a report that sheds light on the experiences of disabled prisoners in solitary confinement, developing a new litigation strategy challenging solitary confinement under the Americans with Disabilities Act, engaging in administrative advocacy on behalf of disabled prisoners, and facilitating community organizing that will help to raise public awareness and empower communities to seek specific policy reforms."