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Jono Oliver

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Jono Oliver

With respect to writing and directing, the films I want to make have some tie to political science or public policy. My first film, Home, was about a man's struggle with mental illness. I’m writing my next film now - inspired by events in Flint, Michigan - about the residents of a building in Brooklyn who find out that lead has been present in their drinking water. I’ve been fortunate to also work on some television that, to some degree, says something of value. A recent episode of SVU that I directed, for example, was about workplace sexual assault. I’m hoping that the work I do can change some attitudes and perceptions of issues for the better, at least a little bit.

Currently directing television after working as a first assistant director on various film and tv shows for 25 years. I wrote and directed my first feature called Home - about a man's struggle with mental illness, in 2013. I also started a non-profit called Hope & Carry whose mission is to help get illegal guns off our cities’ streets by trading them for cameras and courses in photography.