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Leslie Hatamiya

Position: Executive Director, San Bruno Community Foundation
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Leslie Hatamiya

"I have benefited from the analytical and communication skills I gained as a Political Science major throughout my career. As a creation of the San Bruno City Council, SBCF is a quasi-public entity, subject to many laws governing local governments. In addition, much of the work I do is in partnership with the City, and as a result, navigating City politics is a significant part of the job. In prior stages of my career, my Political Science major played a more direct role. In the early 1990s, I worked for U.S. Senator Bill Bradley in his Washington, D.C. office, was a deputy campaign manager for Bradley's 2000 presidential campaign, and was program director of the Coro Fellows Program. I am also a lawyer (Stanford Law School Class of 1997), and the Political Science major was great preparation for the writing and critical thinking demands of law school."

"As the Executive Director of the San Bruno Community Foundation, I serve as the CEO of the nonprofit created by the City of San Bruno to administer the $70 million in restitution funds the City received from PG&E following the tragic 2010 gas pipeline explosion. I manage all aspects of the Foundation's operations and have guided the development of the Foundation's strategy to utilize the restitution funds to benefit San Bruno through grantmaking, scholarships, and partnerships."