Marc Grinberg

Ph.D. Candidate
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Dissertation Title
Strategies of Manipulation: Preventing Misuse in Military Capacity Building
Marc Grinberg

Marc Grinberg is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Stanford University. He studies how states manage strategic challenges in international security, and the relationship between political science and foreign policymaking.

His dissertation, “Strategies of Manipulation: Preventing Misuse in Military Capacity Building,” examines principal-agent problems in the context of international security. He argues that international politics creates distinct challenges for control due and identifies a previously unrecognized set of strategies that states use to influence their military partners by preemptively manipulating both the strategic environment in which they operate and the resources to which they have access. This research has implications for the theory and practice of statecraft and military cooperation, and for the causes of international transfers of military power.

In other projects, Marc examines the role of ideas and institutions in statecraft, and identifies methodological challenges for causal identification and policy relevance in the study of foreign-policy effects.

In addition to research, Marc has developed and taught three courses for Stanford undergraduates and International Policy Studies Master's students on international relations theory and evidence-based foreign policy design. He will be teaching a lecture course on U.S. foreign policy in Spring 2020.

Prior to Stanford, Marc served in the US government as special assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State and director (acting), section chief and strategist in the Office of Strategy, Planning, Analysis and Risk at the Department of Homeland Security. Prior to joining the US government, he worked as an aide to the Hon. Richard Danzig on the 2008 Obama Campaign, as Program Director and Congressional Fellow at the Truman National Security Project, as a researcher at the institute for Defense Analyses and as Legislative Fellow for Congressman Steve Israel.

Marc earned an M.Phil in Politics at Oxford University in 2008 and an A.B. in Politics at Princeton University in 2005. He is a former Presidential Management Fellow and co-founder of The Public Philosopher, a project seeking to contribute a philosophical perspective to public policy debate.


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International Relations
Political Theory