International Relations Track

The International Relations track examines cooperation and violence in the international system. Topics include international security and war, civil war and terrorism, and international organizations.

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Political Science Courses

POLISCI 10N: International Organizations and the World Order**
POLISCI 43Q: Immigration Crisis? Policy Dilemmas in the US and Europe**
POLISCI 101: Introduction to International Relations
POLISCI 101Z: Introduction to International Relations
POLISCI 110C/110X: America and the World Economy
POLISCI 110D/110Y: War and Peace in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 110G: Governing the Global Economy**
POLISCI 111: The Politics of Climate Change   
POLISCI 113: Understanding Russia: Its Power and Purpose in a New Global Order
POLISCI 114D/314D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
POLISCI 114S: International Security in a Changing World
POLISCI 115: Spies, Lies, and Algorithms
POLISCI 115B: Israel, the Middle East and Nuclear Weapons
POLISCI 115E: Japan & the World: Innovation, Economic Growth, Globalization, and Int'l Security Challenges**
POLISCI 116: The International History of Nuclear Weapons**
POLISCI 116A: European Security Since World War Two**
POLISCI 118P: U.S. Relations with Iran
POLISCI 136R/336: Introduction to Global Justice
POLISCI 142: The Eurasian World From Plato to NATO: History, Politics, and Culture
POLISCI 143C: The Politics of Internet Abuse
POLISCI 147: Comparative Democratic Development
POLISCI 149S: Islam, Iran, and the West
POLISCI 210A: Special Topics: Solving Global Challenges**
POLISCI 211A: Special Topics: Humanizing War**
POLISCI 211B: International Cooperation and Institutions**
POLISCI 211N/311N: Nuclear Politics
POLISCI 212A: Special Topics: Egypt: Politics, Terror and Society: From Vision to Reality**
POLISCI 213A: Russia and the West**
POLISCI 213E: Introduction to European Studies
POLISCI 214: Israel: Society, Politics, and Policy
POLISCI 214R/314R: Challenege and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 215A: Special Topics: State-Society Relations in the Contemporary Arab World-Key Concepts and Debates**
POLISCI 217A: American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 216: Global Futures: History, Statecraft, Systems
POLISCI 218T: The Politics of Insurgency, Terrorism and Civil War
POLISCI 235: Chinese Political Thought: 1895-2021
POLISCI 237: Varieties of Conservatism in America
POLISCI 242/342: Foreign Policy Decision Making in Comparative Perspective
POLISCI 248D: China in the Global Economy
POLISCI 312: A New Cold War? Great Power Relations in the 21st Century
**Course no longer offered

Pre-Approved Courses

Course Number Course Name
AFRICAST 111/211
Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Making in Africa
AFRICAST 112/212
AIDS, Literacy, and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa
ANTHRO 337 The Politics of Humanitarianism
ECON 106/206
(EARTHSYS 106/206, ESS 106/206)
World Food Economy
History of the International System
HISTORY 106A Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa
HISTORY 106B Global Human Geography: Europe and Americas
Presidents and Foreign Policy in Modern History
HISTORY 279/379 Latin American Development: Economy and Society, 1800-2014
HISTORY 288/388
(JEWISHST 288/388)
Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
INTLPOL 217 The Future of Global Cooperation
INTLPOL 219 Intelligence and National Security
INTLPOL 244 U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia
INTLPOL 246 China's Foreign Policies: Objectives, Instruments, and Impacts
Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and International Criminal Tribunals
INTNLREL 103F (HISTORY 3F/103F) The Changing Face of War: Introduction to Military History
INTNLREL 123 Future of the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities
INTNLREL 140A International Law and International Relations
The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War
(AFRICAST 142/242)
Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing Democracy, Development and Justice
INTNLREL 182 The Great War
MS&E 93Q Nuclear Weapons, Energy, Proliferation, and Terrorism
MS&E 193/293
(INTLPOL 256, GEOSCI 167/267)
Technology and National Security
OSPBER 77 "Ich bin ein Berliner": Lessons of Berlin for International Politics
OSPBER 82 Globalization and Germany
OSPBER 126X A People's Union? Money, Markets, and Identity in the EU
OSPCPTWN 10 Climate Change and Political Violence
OSPCPTWN 31 Political Economy of Foreign Aid**
OSPFLOR 64 Colonial Heritage, Euro-Mediterranean Relations, Migrations, Multiculturalism
OSPFLOR 65 Exclusion/Inclusion Processes of Migrants in Italian Society
OSPPARIS 122X Europe and its Challenges Today
OSPSANTG 129X Latin America in the International System**
SIW 119 U. S. and Europe: Cooperation or Competition
SOC 111/211
State and Society in Korea
SOC 117A/217A China Under Mao
THINK 19 Rules of War
  **Course no longer offered