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How to Declare

Declaring, Pic of Faculty and Students

Steps to Majoring in Political Science

1. Explore

  • Explore the curriculum: You can find the major requirements on our website.  We also encourage you to check Explore Courses and Explore Degrees for specific course information.  Ask fellow students about their courses and decision to major in Political Science.  The University offers a Majors Night in October which is a great resource for freshman and sophomore students to get more information. 

  • Talk to a peer advisor:  Our peer advisors are Political Science majors who are passionate about the major and are available to advise prospective students.  They have all taken very different paths within the major and each of them can give you advice on what courses to take, how to fill out your declaration proposal, or even pick an advisor.  The peer advisors also hold weekly drop-in office hours, so if you have a question you can either attend one of those or email them directly for a separate meeting.  They are very willing to help both current majors and prospective students.

  • Enroll in POLISCI 1 - The Science of Politics: This is a great introduction to the different topics covered within Political Science.

2. Complete your proposal form

Complete a major proposal form or pick one up in the main POLISCI office in Encina West, Room 100.  This form is easy to complete and if you have any questions you are welcome to ask the peer advisors for assistance.  The course plan is a proposed listing of the classes you will complete toward the major.  The most important part of this form are the two tracks you choose.  The courses you list on your proposal may change after declaring the major because of scheduling changes or visiting lecturers.  The proposal form is your opportunity to discover different courses that are available to complete the major.  You are welcome to talk this over with your faculty advisor or make an appointment with the undergraduate program administrator, Brenna Curtis.

3. Choose and meet with a faculty advisor

You may choose any faculty member to be your major advisor.  This person may be someone you have had class with or whom you have similar research interests. Feel free to email the faculty member to set up a meeting.  Your advisor must sign your major proposal form before you turn it into the department. 

A note about faculty advisors:  Your advisor serves as an intellectual mentor for you, advising on classes, research opportunities, and post graduate work.  It is your responsibility to be proactive about scheduling meetings with your advisor to maintain that relationship. 

4. Make an appointment to declare

  • Contact Brenna Curtis for an appointment.  Her office is in Encina Hall West, Room 100.
  • Declare the BA in Political Science on Axess.
  • Bring completed proposal form, with advisor signature, and your answers to the three response questions to the appointment.

Steps to Declare a Minor in Political Science

  1. Explore the five different tracks (Data ScienceElections, Representation, & GovernanceInternational RelationsJustice and Law, and Political Economy & Development) and current course offerings to complete your minor.
  2. Declare the minor on Axess.
  3. Complete the Political Science Minor Proposal  and submit it to Brenna Curtis in Encina West, Suite 100; schedule an appointment.