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Data Science Track

Data Science Pic, Graphs of Data

The Data Science track studies how we can use algorithms, statistics, and formal theory to extract knowledge from data and help predict, explain, or analyze political phenomena and behavior.





POLISCI 27N: Thinking Like a Social Scientist 
POLISCI 141A: Immigration and Multiculturalism
POLISCI 147P: The Politics of Inequality
POLISCI 150A/355A: Data Science for Politics
POLISCI 150B/355B: Machine Learning
POLISCI 150C/355C: Causal Inference for Social Science
POLISCI 152/352: Introduction to Game Theoretic Models
POLISCI 153/354: Thinking Strategically
POLISCI 153Z: Thinking Strategically
POLISCI 155: Political Data Science**
POLISCI 241S: Spatial Approaches to Social Science
POLISCI 247A/347A: Games Developing Nations Play
POLISCI: 343A: Field Methods
POLISCI 356A: Formal Theory I: Introduction to Game Theory
POLISCI 356B: Formal Theory II - Models of Politics
POLISCI 358: Data-driven Politics
**Course no longer offered

Cognate Courses

Course Number Course Name
COMM 106/206 Communication Research Methods
CS 106A Programming Methodology
CS 106B Programming Abstractions
CS 109 Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists
ECON 121 Social Science Field Research Methods and Applications
ECON 180 Honors Game Theory
OSPOXFRD 82 Politics in Inequality (Implications of Electoral Geography for Democratic Representation Quality)
STATS 110 Statistical Methods in Engineering and the Physical Sciences