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Elections, Representation, and Governance Track

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The Elections, Representation, & Governance Track examines how individuals make political decisions, how an individual’s identity shapes their political decisions, how representatives are selected, how representatives govern once selected, and the consequences of governance for society and public policy.




POLISCI 20Q: American Democracy in Crisis
POLISCI 23Q: Analyzing the 2016 Elections
POLISCI 25N: The US Congress in Historical and Comparative Perspective
POLISCI 27N: Thinking Like a Social Scientist
POLISCI 28N: Racial Identity in American Politics
POLISCI 29N: Mixed-Race Politics and Culture
POLISCI 31N: Political Freedom: Rights, Justice, and Democracy in the Western Tradition
POLISCI 33S: Religion, Democracy, and Human Rights
POLISCI 72: Policy, Politics, and the Presidency
POLISCI 102: Politics and Public Policy
POLISCI 104: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLISCI 110D/Y: War and Peace in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 120B: Campaigns, Media, Voting, and Elections
POLISCI 120C: American Political Institutions in Uncertain Times
POLISCI 120Z: What's Wrong with American Government? An Institutional Approach
POLISCI 121: Political Power in American Cities
POLISCI 121L: Racial-Ethnic Politics in the United States
POLISCI 124R: The Federal System: Judicial Politics and Constitutional Law**
POLISCI 125M: Latino Social Movements
POLISCI 125P: The First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and Press
POLISCI 125S: Chicano/Latino Politics
POLISCI 125V: The Voting Rights Act**
POLISCI 126P: Constitutional Law
POLISCI 128S: The Constitution: A Brief History
POLISCI 130: 20th Century Political Theory: Liberalism and Its Critics
POLISCI 131A: Collective Action Problems
POLISCI 131L: Modern Political Thought: Machiavelli to Marx to Mill
POLISCI 132A: The Ethics of Elections
POLISCI 134L: Introduction to Environmental Ethics
POLISCI 134P: Contemporary Moral Problems
POLISCI 135D: Ethics of Democratic Citizenship
POLISCI 140P: Populism and the Erosion of Democracy
POLISCI 141S: Politics of India**
POLISCI 143S: Comparative Corruption
POLISCI 144A: Revolution and Reconciliation Through Film**
POLISCI 147: Comparative Democratic Development
POLISCI 147P: The Politics of Inequality
POLISCI 148/348: Chinese Politics
POLISCI 149T: Middle Eastern Politics
POLISCI 150A/355A: Data Science for Politics
POLISCI 211: Political Economy of East Asia
POLISCI 213E: Introduction to European Studies
POLISCI 217A: American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 217M/317M: Special Topics: International Democratization**
POLISCI 220: Place-Making Policies
POLISCI 220R: The Presidency
POLISCI 222: The Political Psychology of Intolerance
POLISCI 222P: Creating American Republic**
POLISCI 222S: Topics in Constitutional History**
POLISCI 223: The Politics of Gender in the United States**
POLISCI 223A: Public Opinion and American Democracy
POLISCI 223B: Money, Power, and Politics in the New Gilded Age
POLISCI 224L: Psychological Communication of Politics
POLISCI 225C: Fixing US Politics: Political Reform in Principle and Practice
POLISCI 226T/326T: The Politics of Education
POLISCI 227: U.S. Immigration Politics**
POLISCI 227C/327C: Regulation of the Political Process**
POLISCI 229R: Running Time: Running and Winning Elections**
POLISCI 231T: Democratic Accountability and Transparency**
POLISCI 234: Democratic Theory
POLISCI 238C: Governing the 21st Centry World**
POLISCI 240A: Democratic Politics
POLISCI 241A: An Introduction to Political Economy of Development
POLISCI 241C: Campaigns and Elections in Israel**
POLISCI 243D: Special Topics: Taiwan's Democratic Evolution**
POLISCI 244: An Introduction to Political Development
POLISCI 244A/344A: Authoritarian Politics
POLISCI 244C: Political Change in Latin America**
POLISCI 244U/344U: Political Culture
POLISCI 245: Evidence and the Making of Foreign Policy
POLISCI 245A: Politics and Public Finance**
POLISCI 245R: Politics of Modern Iran
POLISCI 246A: Paths to The Modern World: Islam and The West
POLISCI 246P: Dynamics of Change in Africa
POLISCI 247G: Governance and Poverty
POLISCI 248S/348S: Latin American Politics
POLISCI 249P: Introduction to Israeli Politics**
POLISCI 311E: Political Economy
POLISCI 316S: Decision Making in US Foreign Policy
POLISCI 322A: Advances in Political Psychology
POLISCI 324: Graduate Seminar in Political Psychology
POLISCI 327: Minority Behavior**
POLISCI 327C: Law of Democracy
POLISCI 344: Politics and Geography
**Course no longer offered

Cognate Courses

Course Number Course Name
COMM 1A Mass Media, Society, and Democracy
COMM 130N The Idea of a Free Press
COMM 157/257/357 Information Control in Authoritarian Regimes
CSRE 203A  The Changing Face of America: Civil Rights and Education Strategies for the 21st Century
CSRE 220 Public Policy Institute
ECON 116  American Economic History
ECON 155 Environmental Economics and Policy
EDUC 178/270 Latino Families, Languages, and Schools
EDUC 197 Education, Gender, and Development
EDUC 220D History of School Reform: Origins, Policies, Outcomes, and Explanations 
HIST 4 Introduction to Geospatial Humanities
HIST 70/170B Culture, Politics, and Society in Latin America
HIST 152/352B History of American Law
HIST 153 Creation of the Constitution
HIST 172A Mexico: From Colony to Nation, or the History of an impossible Republic?
HIST 181B Formation of the Contemporary Middle East
HIST 187 The Islamic Republics: Politics and Society in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan
HIST 204G War and Society
HIST 228 Circles of Hell: Poland in World War II
HIST 252 Originalism and the American Constitution: History and Interpretation
HIST 261G/IR 173  Presidents and Foreign Policy in Modern History
HIST 288 Arab-Israeli Conflict
HUMBIO 120A American Health Policy
HUMBIO 120 Health Care in America: An Introduction to U.S. Health Policy
HUMBIO 129S Global Public Health
HUMBIO 173 Science, Innovation and the Law

LAW 2519 

(formerly 437)

Water Law
MS&E 193/293 Technology and National Security
OSPBER 37 Leading from Behind? Germany in the International Arena since 1945
OSPBER 115X The German Economy: Past and Present
OSPCPTWN 69 Comparatively Assessing South Africa’s Transition to Democracy
OSPFLOR 12 Constituting a Republic: Machiavelli, Madison, and Modern Issues
OSPFLOR 43 Machiavelli
OSPFLOR 78 The Impossible Experiment: Politics and Policies of the New European Union
OSPISTAN 72 Religion, Secularism and Democracy in the World
OSPOXFRD 22 British Politics Past and Present
OSPOXFRD 24 British and American Constitutional Systems in Comparative Perspective
OSPOXFRD 34 American and British Politics: A Critical Comparison
OSPOXFRD 82 Politics of Inequality (Implications of Electoral Geography for Democratic Representation Quality)
OSPPARIS 32 French History and Politics: Understanding the Present through the Past
OSPPARIS 122X Challenges of Integration in the European Union
OSPSANTG 116X Modernization and its Discontents: Chilean Politics at the Turn of the Century
OSPSANTG 129X Latin America in the International System
PUBLPOL 132 The Politics of Policy Making
PUBLPOL 135 Regional Politics and Decision Making in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area
PUBPOL 154 Politics and Policy in California
PUBLPOL 156 Health Care Policy and Reform
PUBPOL 194 Technology Policy
PUBLPOL 353 Science and Technology Policy
RELSTUD 18N Religion and Politics: Comparing Europe to the U.S. 
SIW 101 Policymaking in the Washington Community
SIW 102 Promoting Democracy
SIW 105 Education Policy
SIW 106 Criminal Justice Policy
SIW 107 Civil Rights Law
SIW 124 The American Presidency: From TR to Nixon
SIW 156 Washington Policymaking: Advocacy and Strategy (formerly Lobbying and Public Policy)
SIW 182 Arguing about the Constitution
SOC 118/218 Social Movements and collective action
SOC 135 Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy in the United States
SOC 136 Sociology of Law
SOC 140 Introduction to Social Stratification
SOC 145 Race and Ethnic Relations in the USA
THINK 4  Can the People Rule?
THINK 5 Constituting Justice
THINK 47 Inventing Government: Ancient and Modern
THINK 51 The Spirit of Democracy
URBANST 112 (SOC 149) The Urban Underclass