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Justice and Law Track

Justice Scale

The Justice and Law track examines the ethical issues that underpin the relationship between citizens and government as well as legal institutions and policies that arise as a result of governance.





POLISCI 24Q: Law and Order**
POLISCI 29N: Mixed-Race Politics and Culture
POLISCI 31N: Political Freedom - Rights, Justice, and Democracy in the Western Tradition
POLISCI 31Q: Justice and the City
POLISCI 33S: Religion, Democracy, and Human Rights
POLISCI 70: Dangerous Ideas
POLISCI 102: Politics and Public Policy
POLISCI 103: Justice
POLISCI 114D/314D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
POLISCI 122: Introduction to American Law
POLISCI 124R: The Federal System: Judicial Politics and Constitutional Law
POLISCI 125P: The First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and Press
POLISCI 126P: Constitutional Law
POLISCI 127A: Finance and Society for non-MBAs
POLISCI 128S: The Constitution: A Brief History
POLISCI 130: 20th Century Political Theory: Liberalism and It's Critics
POLISCI 131A: Collective Action Problems
POLISCI 131L: Modern Political Thought: Machiavelli to Marx to Mill
POLISCI 132A: The Ethics of Elections
POLISCI 133: Ethics and Politics of Public Service
POLISCI 133D: Paradigm Shift**
POLISCI 134L: Introduction to Environmental Ethics
POLISCI 134P: Contemporary Moral Problems
POLISCI 135D: Ethics of Democratic Citizenship
POLISCI 136R: Introduction to Global Justice
POLISCI 137A/337A: Political Philosophy: Social Contract Tradition
POLISCI 211A: Special Topics: Humanizing War
POLISCI 213S: A Post American Century? American Foreign Policy in a Uni-Multi-unipolar World
POLISCI 215D: Special Topics: Dilemmas of Democracy and Security in Israel and the Middle East**
POLISCI 221A: American Political Development
POLISCI 222S: Topics in Constitutional History
POLISCI 225C: Fixing US Politics: Political Reform in Principle and Practice
POLISCI 226/326: Race and Racism in American Politics**
POLISCI 226U: Approaches to American Legal History
POLISCI 227C/327C: Regulation of the Political Process**
POLISCI 230A/330A: Classical Seminar: Origins of Political Thought
POLISCI 231/331: High Stakes Politics
POLISCI 231D: Science, Power, and Democracy**
POLISCI 231T: Democratic Accountability and Transparency**
POLISCI 231Z: Topics in Democratic Theory**
POLISCI 232T/332T: Dialogue of Democracy
POLISCI 233: Justice and Cities
POLISCI 234: Democratic Theory
POLISCI 234P/334P: Deliberative Democracy and It's Critics
POLISCI 235J/335J: Creative Political Thinking: From Machiavelli to Madison
POLISCI 236/236S: Theories of Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Sector
POLISCI 238T: History of International Relations Thought
POLISCI 327C: Law of Democracy
POLISCI 330: Social and Political Philosophy**
POLISCI 333M: Methods in Political Theory
POLISCI 335A: Adam Smith**
**Course no longer offered

Cognate Courses

course number course name
ANTRHO 138A/238A Conflict and Reconciliation in Africa: International Intervention
COMM 130N The Idea of a Free Press
CSRE 203A The Changing Face of America: Civil Rights and Education Strategies for the 21st Century
CSRE 220 Public Policy Institute
ECON 114 Ancient Greek Economy
EDUC 220D History of School Reform: Origins, Policies, Outcomes, and Explanations 
ETHICSOC 20 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
HIST 152/352B History of American Law
HIST 204G War and Society
HIST 252 Originalism and the American Constitution: History and Interpretation 
HUMBIO 173 Science, Innovation and the Law
INTNLREL 140A  International Law and International Relations
LAW 2519 (formerly 437) Water Law
OSPCPTWN 45 Transitional Justice and Transformation Debates in South Africa
OSPFLOR 12 Constituting a Republic: Machiavelli, Madison, and Modern Issues
OSPFLOR 43 Machiavelli
OSPOXFRD 18 Making Public Policy: An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
OSPOXFRD 24 British and American Constitutional Systems in Comparative Perspective
PHIL 2 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
PHIL 20 Moral Philosophy
PUBLPOL 106 Economics of Legal Rules and Institutions
PUBLPOL 132 The Politics of Policy Making
RELSTUD 18N Religion and Politics: Comparing Europe to the U.S. 
SIW 101 Policymaking in the Washington Community
SIW 105 Education Policy
SIW 106 Criminal Justice Policy
SIW 107 Civil Rights Law
SIW 182 Arguing about the Constitution
SOC 136 Sociology of Law
THINK 4  Can the People Rule?
THINK 5 Constituting Justice
THINK 19 Rules of War
THINK 42 Thinking Through Africa: Perspectives on Health, Wealth, and Well-Being
THINK 47 Inventing Government: Ancient and Modern
URBANST 112 (SOC 149) The Urban Underclass