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Political Economy and Development Track

Different currencies laying together

The Political Economy and Development track studies how the interplay between the economic system, politics, and institutions allocates resources and generates incentives. Topics include markets, poverty, welfare, inequality, taxation, regimes, transitions, growth, ethnicity, religion, and culture.




POLISCI 11N: The Rwandan Genocide
POLISCI 18N: Civil War and International Politics: Syria in Context
POLISCI 24Q: Law and Order**
POLISCI 25N: The US Congress in Historical and Comparative Perspective
POLISCI 28N: Racial Identity in American Politics
POLISCI 31Q: Justice and The City
POLISCI 43Q: Immigration Crisis? Policy Dilemmas in the US and Europe
POLISCI 45N: Civil War Narratives
POLISCI 101: Introduction to International Relations
POLISCI 102: Politics and Public Policy
POLISCI 103: Justice

POLISCI 104: Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLISCI 110C/X: America and the World Economy
POLISCI 110G: Governing the Global Economy
POLISCI 114D/314D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
POLISCI 115A/315A: The Rise of Asia
POLISCI 116: International History of Nuclear Weapons
POLISCI 118P: U.S. Relations in Iran
POLISCI 120B: Campaigns, Media, Voting, and Elections
POLISCI 121: Political Power in American Cities
POLISCI 121L: Racial-Ethnic Politics in the United States
POLISCI 122: Introduction to American Law
POLISCI 124L/224L: Psychological Communication of Politics
POLISCI 125M: Latino Social Movements
POLISCI 125S: Chicano/Latino Politics
POLISCI 125V: The Voting Rights Act
POLISCI 127A: Finance and Society for non-MBAs
POLISCI 137A/337A: Political Philosophy - Social Contract Tradition
POLISCI 140L/340L: China In World Politics**
POLISCI 141A: Immigration and Multiculturalism
POLISCI 141S: Politics of India**
POLISCI 143S: Comparative Corruption
POLISCI 146A: African Politics
POLISCI 147: Comparative Democratic Development
POLISCI 148/348: Chinese Politics
POLISCI 149S: Islam, Iran, and the West
POLISCI 149T: Middle Eastern Politics
POLISCI 152/352: Introduction to Game Theoretic Methods in Political Science
POLISCI 153/354: Thinking Strategically
POLISCI 153Z: Thinking Strategically
POLISCI 210A: Special Topics: Solving Global Challenges
POLISCI 210G: Global Supply Chains and the Future of Global Governance**
POLISCI 211: Political Economy of East Asia
POLISCI 211S: Special Topics: The United States and Europe: A Renewed Imperative?**
POLISCI 212C/X: Civil War and International Politics - Syria in Context
POLISCI 213E: Introduction to European Studies
POLISCI 213R: Political Economy of Financial Crisis
POLISCI 215D: Special Topics - Dilemmas of Democracy and Security in Israel and the Middle East**
POLISCI 216: State Building
POLISCI 216E/316: International History and International Relations Theory
POLISCI 217M: Special Topics - International Democratization **
POLISCI 220: Place-Making Policies
POLISCI 220R: The Presidency
POLISCI 221A: American Political Development
POLISCI 222P: Creating American Republic**
POLISCI 223: The Politics of Gender in the United States**
POLISCI 223B: Money, Power, and Politics in the New Gilded Age
POLISCI 227: U.S. Immigration Politics**
POLISCI 227C/327C: Regulation of the Political Process**
POLISCI 231/331: High Stakes Politics
POLISCI 231D: Science, Power, and Democracy**
POLISCI 232T/332T: The Dialogue of Democracy
POLISCI 234P/334P: Deliberative Democracy and it's Critics
POLISCI 236/236S: Theories of Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Sector
POLISCI 240T: Democracy, Promotion, and American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 241A: Political Economy of Development
POLISCI 241C: Campaigns and Elections in Israel**
POLISCI 241S: Spatial Approaches to Social Science
POLISCI 241T: Political Economy of Gender
POLISCI 242A: Civil War and Peace Processes**
POLISCI 243C: The Political Economy of Development**
POLISCI 243D: Special Topics: Taiwan's Democratic Evolution**
POLISCI 244: Introduction to Political Development
POLISCI 244A/344A: Authoritarian Politics
POLISCI 244C: Political Change in Latin America**
POLISCI 244U/344U: Political Culture
POLISCI 245A: Politics and Public Finance**
POLISCI 245R: Politics of Modern Iran
POLISCI 246A: Paths to The Modern World: Islam and The West
POLISCI 246P: Dynamics of Change in Africa
POLISCI 247A/347A: Games Developing Nations Play
POLISCI 247G: Governance and Poverty
POLISCI 248S/348S: Latin American Politics
POLISCI 249P: Introduction to Israeli Politics**
POLISCI 311E: Political Economy
POLISCI 327C: Law of Democracy
POLISCI 344: Politics and Geography
**Course no longer offered

Cognate Courses

Course Number Course Name
AFRICAST 112/212 Aids, Literacy, and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa
ANTRHO 138A/238A Conflict and Reconciliation in Africa: International Intervention
ANTHRO 337 The Politics of Humanitarianism
COMM 157/257/357 Information Control in Authoritarian Regimes
EASTASN 295 Korean Economy and Business: Theory, Practice, and Strategic Implications
ECON 1 Prinicipals of Economics
ECON 50 Economic Analysis I
Economic Analysis II
ECON 52 Economic Analysis III
ECON 102A Introduction to Statistical Methods (Postcalculus) for Social Scientists
ECON 102B Applied Econometrics
ECON 106 World Food Economy
ECON 113 Economics of Innovation
ECON 114 Ancient Greek Economy
ECON 116 American Economic History
ECON 122 Economic Development of Latin America
ECON 155 Environmental Economics and Policy
EDUC 197 Education, Gender, and Development
HIST 70/170B Culture, Politics, and Society in Latin America
HIST 106A Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa
HIST 106B Survey of Early Modern Europe
HIST 172A Mexico: From Colony to Nation, or the History of an impossible Republic?
HIST 181B Formation of the Contemporary Middle East
HIST 187 The Islamic Republics: Politics and Society in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan
HIST 279 Latin American Development
HUMBIO 129S Global Public Health
INTNLREL 119 The International Human Rights Movement; Assessing its History, Work and Current Challenges
INTNLREL 123 Future of the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities
INTNLREL 140C The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War
INTNLREL 142 Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing Democracy, Development and Justice
IPS 244 U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia
IPS 246 China on the World Stage
MS&E 180 Organizations: Theory and Management
OSPBER 15 Shifting Alliances?  The Eurpean Union and the US
OSPBER 115X The German Economy: Past and Present
OSPBER 126X A People's Union? Money, Markets, and Identity in the EU
OSPCPTWN 31 Political Economy of Foreign Aid
OSPCPTWN 69 Comparatively Assessing South Africa’s Transition to Democracy
OSPCPTWN 76 (South) Africa Rising: Implications for Conflict, Democracy, and Human Rights
OSPFLOR 78 The Impossible Experiment: Politics and Policies of the New European Union
OSPISTAN 72 Religion, Secularism and Democracy in the World
OSPOXFRD 18 Making Public Policy: An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
OSPOXFRD 34 American and British Politics: A Critical Comparison
OSPPARIS 32 French History and Politics: Understanding the Present through the Past
OSPSANTG 116X Modernization and its Discontents: Chilean Politics at the Turn of the Century
PUBLPOL 106 Economics of Legal Rules and Institutions
PUBPOL 184 Poverty and Policies in Developing Economies
REES 320 State and Nation Building in Central Asia
SIW 103 Economic Growth & Development Patterns, Policies, and Prospects
SIW 198B/198Z International Economic Policy
SOC 111/IR 143 State and Society in Korea
SOC 117A China Under Mao
SOC 135 Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy in the United States
SOC 140 Introduction to Social Stratification
SOC 145 Race and Ethnic Relations in the USA
THINK 42 Thinking Through Africa: Perspectives on Health, Wealth, and Well-Being