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Writing in the Major (WIM) Courses

As part of the Political Science major requirements, every student must take a course designated as a Writing in the Major (WIM) course which is designed to help students demonstrate the capacity for sustained research and writing in the discipline. This requirement does not need to be taken in your primary track and the course is part of the 70-unit major, not in addition to it. Please visit the site for Writing in the Major courses for more information about this University and department requirement.

The courses below are the current overall list of approved WIM courses toward the Political Science major. No other courses may fulfill this requirement.


PoliSci 103: Justice
Polisci 110C: America and the World Economy
Polisci 110D: War and Peace in American Foreign Policy
Polisci 120C: American Political Institutions in Uncertain Times
PoliSci 121: Political Power in American Cities
PoliSci 212C: Civil War and International Politics: Syria in Context
PoliSci 236S: Theories and Practices of Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Sector
PoliSci 299A: Research Design