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International Relations Track

Different Countries Flags

The International Relations track examines cooperation and violence in the international system.  Topics include international security and war, civil war and terrorism, and international organizations.

Political Science Courses

POLISCI 10N: International Organizations and the World Order
POLISCI 18N: Civil War and International Politics: Syria in Context
POLISCI 43Q: Immigration Crisis? Policy Dilemmas in the US and Europe
POLISCI 101: Introduction to International Relations
POLISCI 110C/X: America and the World Economy
POLISCI 110D/Y: War and Peace in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 110G: Governing the Global Economy
POLISCI 114D/314D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
POLISCI 114S: International Security in a Changing World
POLISCI 115E: Japan & the World: Innovation, Economic Growth, Globalization, and Int'l Security Challenges
POLISCI 116: The International History of Nuclear Weapons
POLISCI 116A: European Security Since World War II
POLISCI 118P: U.S. Relations in Iran
POLISCI 136R/336: Introduction to Global Justice
POLISCI 147: Comparative Democratic Development
POLISCI 149S: Islam, Iran, and the West
POLISCI 210A: Special Topics: Solving Global Challenges
POLISCI 211A: Special Topics: Humanizing War
POLISCI 211B: International Cooperation and Institutions
POLISCI 211N/311N: Nuclear Politics
POLISCI 211S: Special Topics: The United States and Europe: A Renewed Imperative?**
POLISCI 212A: Special Topics: Egypt: Politics, Terror and Society: From Vision to Reality
POLISCI 213A: Russia and the West
POLISCI 213E: Introduction to European Studies
POLISCI 213S: A Post American Century? American Foreign Policy in a Uni-Multi-unipolar World
POLISCI 214R/314R: Challenege and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 215A: Special Topics: State-Society Relations in the Contemporary Arab World-Key Concepts and Debates
POLISCI 215D: Special Topics: Dilemmas of Democracy and Security in Israel and the Middle East**
POLISCI 216: State Building
POLISCI 216E/316: International History and International Relations Theory**
POLISCI 217A: American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 217M/317M: Special Topics: International Democratization**
POLISCI 242/342: Foreign Policy Decision Making in Comparative Perspective
POLISCI 243D: Special Topics: Taiwan's Democratic Evolution**
**Course no longer offered

Pre-Approved Courses

Course Number Course Name
AFRICAST 111/211
Education for All? The Global and Local in Public Policy Making in Africa
AFRICAST 112/212
AIDS, Literacy, and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa
ANTHRO 337 The Politics of Humanitarianism
ECON 106/206
(EARTHSYS 106/206, ESS 106/206)
World Food Economy
History of the International System
HISTORY 106A Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa
HISTORY 106B Global Human Geography: Europe and Americas
(AMSTUD 165, EDUC 165, EDUC 265)
History of Higher Education in the U.S.
Presidents and Foreign Policy in Modern History
HISTORY 288/388
(JEWISHST 288/388)
Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
INTNLREL 123 Future of the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities
INTNLREL 140A International Law and International Relations
The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War
(AFRICAST 142/242)
Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing Democracy, Development and Justice
INTNLREL 182 The Great War
INTLPOL 219 Intelligence and National Security
INTLPOL 244 U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia
INTLPOL 246 China on the World Stage
MS&E 93Q Nuclear Weapons, Energy, Proliferation, and Terrorism
MS&E 193/293
(GS 167/267)
Technology and National Security
OSPBER 15 Shifting Alliances?  The Eurpean Union and the US**
OSPBER 37 Leading from Behind? Germany in the International Arena since 1945**
OSPBER 77 "Ich bin ein Berliner": Lessons of Berlin for International Politics
OSPBER 82 Globalization and Germany
OSPBER 126X A People's Union? Money, Markets, and Identity in the EU
OSPCPTWN 31 Political Economy of Foreign Aid
OSPPARIS 122X Challenges of Integration in the European Union
OSPSANTG 129X Latin America in the International System
REES 320 State and Nation Building in Central Asia
SIW 109 Trans-Atlantic Relations
SIW 119 U. S. and Europe: Cooperation or Competition
SIW 198Z International Economic Policy
SOC 111/211
State and Society in Korea
THINK 19 Rules of War
  **Course no longer offered