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Quad with Palm Trees

Department Contacts

Department Chair

Judith Goldstein

Director of Graduate Studies

Alison E.J. McQueen

Please contact Zach Brown with all admissions related enquiries.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Adam Bonica

Program Administrators

Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator

Becca Hall
Telephone: (650) 723 1806

Undergraduate Program Administrator

Brenna Curtis
Telephone: (650) 723 1608

Graduate Student Services Officer

Zach Brown
Telephone: (650) 497 7615

Graduate Program and Student Services Manager

Jennifer Radley (on leave)
Direct queries to Zach Brown
Telephone: (650) 497 7615

Finance and Technology Associate

Adam Ferrell
Telephone: (650) 721 6983

Financial Manager

Joy Li
Telephone: (650) 723 1908

Director of Finance and Operations

Jackie Sargent
Telephone: (650) 725 1333

Faculty Support

Eliana Vasquez
Telephone: (650) 723 8042