Peer Advising

The Political Science peer advisors are current majors who are passionate about the program and available to advise prospective and current students. They have all taken very different paths within the major and each can talk about courses, the declaration process, picking a major advisor, and other opportunities within the department and the University. Peer advisors are available via email, and they hold frequent office hours and events throughout the year. They are very willing to help!


2021-2022 Peer Advisors


Molly Campbell

mollycam [at]

Molly is a senior majoring in Political Science with a primary track in Elections, Representation and Government and a secondary track in Political Economy and Development. She is also working on a double major in History and currently serving as the President of Stanford Women in Politics. Molly is passionate about local government and public service and is interested in understanding the role of history in understanding current political issues. She has worked for multiple political campaigns at every level of representation and has interned with her Congressman for two summers. Molly is excited to discuss the non-traditional paths to success and fulfillment and would be happy to talk about all things Stanford and Political Science!


Maria Gomez

Maxine Gomez

gomaxine [at]

Maxine (she/her) is a senior majoring in Political Science with tracks in Elections, Representation, and Governance, and Justice and Law. Maxine is interested in how racial and ethnic inequalities manifest in government institutions, and what can be done to remediate these issues. Maxine is passionate about public service, and in her sophomore year completed the year-long AmeriCorps: JusticeCorps program providing family law assistance to low-income identifying individuals. Her future plans include attending law school and tying her interests in social justice to a future career in civil rights. She is a current member of the Junior Cabinet and the latinx group Hermanos. In her free time, Maxine loves hiking, taking naps, and hanging out with her friends. Maxine is excited to answer any questions you may have and cannot wait to meet you all! 


Diana Jordan

Diana Jordan

dianajor [at]

Diana is a senior pursuing a B.A.H. in Communication, B.A. in Political Science, and a Minor in English. Her political science tracks are Elections, Representation, and Governance and Data Science. Diana is applying to PhD programs in Political Science. She is particularly interested in political communication, political psychology, mass behavior, public opinion, and social policy. Diana has worked many research assistantships including the Political Psychology Research Group, Political Science Summer Research College (SRC), and the Media and Personality Lab. She also enjoys independently researching the admissions policies of first-generation and low-income students at elite institutions. For fun, Diana loves dancing, going out, binge-watching shows, and cooking. Diana is excited to answer questions about time management, research opportunities, on-campus jobs, double majoring, the graduate school application process, or anything related to Political Science, so don’t be afraid to reach out!


Ethan Lee

Ethan Lee

elee23 [at]

Ethan (he/him) is a junior studying Political Science (with tracks in International Relations & Political Economy and Development) and a minor in History. Ethan is interested in US foreign policy and national security, with specific interests in nuclear weapons, interstate competition, the law of war, and soft power. He is originally from Calabasas, CA, and he has served as an intern to the office of Congressman Ted Lieu, Secretary-General of the Stanford Model UN Conference, and an Undergraduate Research Fellow to the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. He currently works as a research assistant to Lt. General H.R. McMaster, a member of Junior Cabinet, a tutor-mentor with the East Palo Alto Stanford Academy, and a board member of the Society for International Affairs at Stanford. He enjoys backpacking, golfing, and the performing arts. Ethan is looking forward to talking about his Social Science/Humanities experiences at Stanford and anything else Political Science!


Jose Sabau

José Sabau

jlsabau [at]

José is a senior majoring in Political Science with tracks in International Relations and Justice and Law, who is also pursuing a minor in Economics. He is interested in political theory, the developing world, and how journalism intersects with government. These topics are part of his honors thesis with the Fisher Family CDDRL Honors Program. In the future, José hopes to start a career in academia, public service, or journalism back in his native Mexico. He spent most of last summer working as a news reporter for the Mexican Editorial Organization writing about the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic and government institutions. In the past, José has worked as a research assistant for the Political Science Department and served as an Undergraduate Research Fellow at Stanford’s Basic Income Lab. On campus he is also a contributor to The Stanford Sphere and vice president of Stanford Speakers Bureau. Outside academics, José is a fan of literature, specially of the works of Gabriel García Márquez. He is excited to help you approach the political science department and discover the fascinating world of politics!


Zac Stoor

Zac Stoor

zacstoor [at]

Zac (he/him) is a senior majoring in Political Science with tracks in Elections, Representation, and Governance and Justice and Law. He is also working towards minors in International Relations, European Studies, Modern Languages (Portuguese and Italian), and German. Zac is interested rural issues in the United States as well as the European Union and international organizations and governance more broadly. At Stanford, he is the Vice Chair of Fellowships and Stipends with Stanford in Government and a member of the Stanford Redistricting Project. Outside of school he has worked on campaigns for state legislative and US Senate campaigns, on the board of a history museum, and as a waiter in a local diner back in his hometown in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Outside of politics, Zac is passionate about language learning, maps, and doing anything outdoors! Come and talk with him about making the most of your time at Stanford and shaping the Political Science major and minor to your interestsHe looks forward to meeting you!


Zecheng Wang

Zecheng Wang

zechengw [at]

Zecheng is a senior in Political Science, with tracks in Political Economy and Development, and Data Science. He enjoys studying the intricacies of comparative politics, both through qualitative frameworks and quantitative methodologies. He’s conducted field research in rural China through FSI’s Rural Education Action Program; got acquainted with social entrepreneurship at Skoll Foundation in Palo Alto as a Philanthropy Fellow from the Haas Center; interned at the World Bank through Stanford in Washington; joined a social start-up as a product manager in his gap year back home. He’s excited to chat about finding good classes (POLISCI and beyond) and figuring out an impact-driven career.