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How to Declare

Declaring a Major or Minor in Political Science

1. Explore
  • Explore the curriculum: You can find the requirements for the major and minor on our website. We also encourage you to check Explore Courses and Explore Degrees for specific course information. Ask fellow students about their courses and decision to join Political Science. Stanford also holds a Majors Night every October, which is a great opportunity for freshmen and sophomores to learn more about the programs on campus.

  • Talk to a peer advisor: Our peer advisors are current Political Science majors who are passionate about the program and available to advise prospective and current students. They have all taken very different paths within the major and each can talk about courses, completing your declaration form, picking and advisor, and other opportunities within the department and the University. Peer advisors are available via email, and they hold frequent office hours and events. They are very willing to help!

  • Enroll in POLISCI 1 The Science of Politics: This is a great introduction to the different topics covered within Political Science.
2. Complete a Declaration Form

Complete a major or minor declaration form. These are available on our website and in the Political Science Department office in Encina West, Room 100. One of the most important parts of this form are your chosen track(s). Your course plan may change as you continue through the major or minor, but the declaration process is an opportunity for you to discover the different courses available. If you have any questions, you are welcome to reach out to the peer advisorsAlexandra Davidovich, and, in the case of Political Science majors, your faculty advisor.

3. Majors Only: Select a Faculty Advisor

Political Science majors must select an advisor in order to declare. Political Science faculty and courtesy faculty may serve as major advisors. This person must sign your declaration form before it can be approved. Consider asking professors whose classes you've taken in the past to serve as major advisors, and look online to find out more about professors' research interests. Then email your chosen faculty to set up a meeting and discuss potential advising. For assistance with this step, feel free to reach out to the peer advisors and/or adavido [at] (Alexandra Davidovich).

Your advisor serves as an intellectual mentor for you, advising on classes, research opportunities, and post graduate work. It is your responsibility to be proactive about scheduling meetings with your advisor to maintain that relationship. 

4. Make an Appointment to Declare
  • Set up an appointment to meet with Alexandra Davidovich or email her at adavido [at] (adavido[at]stanford[dot]edu).
  • Bring your completed declaration form to your meeting with Alexandra, or email it to her at adavido [at] (adavido[at]stanford[dot]edu). For majors, the form should be signed by your faculty advisor.
  • Declare the major or minor in Axess.