Andrew Blotky

Position: Global Director of Internal Communications, Facebook
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Andrew Blotky

"My entire career until coming to Facebook was in politics and communications, which is what I studied at Stanford. My poli sci major helped start a career that ended me in a place that I really enjoy being."

Andrew Blotky is currently the director of global internal communications at Facebook, where he leads the company's employee communications and culture efforts. Before joining Facebook in 2013, he was the Director of Legal Progress, the legal policy and communications program at the Center for American Progress, a progressive Washington, DC-based think tank and advocacy group. There he directed the Center’s work around legal policy issues, including judicial nominations and constitutional interpretation. Also, from 2011-2013, he was a visiting lecturer at Stanford's Washington, D.C. program, where he taught an undergraduate course on the role of nonprofits and advocacy organizations in the political process.