Roscoe Jones Jr.

Position: Legislative Director to Dianne Feinstein (c/o ‘55) and former Senior Counsel to Senator Cory Booker (c/o ‘91, M.A. ‘92)
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Roscoe Jones Jr.

"At Stanford, my political science degree opened up my intellectual curiosity on the relationship between government and social change, which inspired me to ultimately pursue a career in public service. At Stanford, I studied abroad at Oxford University, examined America’s constitutional structure and struggles with race in political science and history classes, and participated in Stanford-in-Washington, where I interned in the Clinton White House. Inspired by my Stanford experience, I have worked in all three branches of the federal government and I have had the distinct privilege of working as an attorney on Capitol Hill. In each of my professional experiences, I have taken with me the lessons I learned at Stanford that help inform my judgment on complex legal and policy issues."

"Currently, I supervise Senator Feinstein’s legislative agenda and manage a staff of 20 of the best and brightest policy experts in the Senator’s personal office. Previously, I served as Senator Booker's chief counsel, where my portfolio included judiciary and homeland security issues, such as civil rights, nominations, and criminal justice reform. I have worked as a counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee, special counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Justice Department, Assistant U.S. Attorney in Seattle, and served as an adjunct professor at the George Washington Law School and the University of Washington School of Law and Evans School of Public Affairs."